Your Mindset is Everything! September 05, 2016 18:12

A lot has been said about positive thinking and how growth mindset helps us achieve anything in life. Most of us understand how having a positive and hopeful outlook in life can help us become more successful in our everyday lives. Still, many people look for internal solutions when faced with their health and bodybuilding problems. But did you ever stop and think that the true key to progress might lie somewhere within yourself? Your fitness goals are really no different from any other goals you may have like getting promoted or buying a house. Mind over matter is real and here’s how you can use it to achieve your goals:

Stay positive

Staying positive is your mental muscle that you need to train each day to achieve your desired goals. Learn to approach every workout with an enthusiastic attitude. Have faith that every day brings you closer to your goal, and every rep is forcing your muscles to grow stronger and bigger. When you stay positive, nothing can stop you from having an awesome and productive pump. So leave your doubts and negativity at the door and get to work!


Visualization is a powerful tool that your brain can use to sort ideas and prepare your body for achieving those fitness goals. Don’t underestimate it! Make it a rule to visualize yourself with the body and health you want every night before going to bed.  Form a strong visual in your “mind’s eye” of every muscle and every drop of sweat. You will pre-program your brain for the achievement and will be ready to work on those goals the next day!


We’ve already discussed how mind-muscle connection can help you achieve your results here. Every time you are at the gym, concentrate deeply on your reps and muscles that you are working out. Stop playing on your phone or get distracted by people and chatter around you. This is your time to get in the best shape of your life. Use it wisely!

Have faith

Your body will only go as far as you let it to. You absolutely have to have faith in yourself and faith in what you are doing. If you have faith in your workout program, your dietary regimen, and your supplementation strategy, you will greatly increase your chances of being successful. So don’t set any limits for yourself. Believe that you can achieve everything you want and let your body do the rest of the work.

With the right state of mind, everything is achievable. When you have a clear image in mind of what you are trying to achieve and stay positive throughout the journey, nothing can stop you. If you want different results, you have to change your mindset. Mindset is Everything!

Be Dissident, Be You!