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Be You! The World Will Adjust

October 03, 2016

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E.E. Cummings

Throughout most of our childhood years we are constantly told what not to do. Don’t scream, don’t run, don’t play with your food. Don’t be rude to your teachers. For children, all these “don’ts” are an essential parts of their training to become well integrated adults one day. Sometimes, however, along with learning that being rude takes us nowhere, we also learn that being our true selves can have some bad consequences. Over time, people learn what to do to be liked by others, get that perfect job and marry the person who will be approved by their mothers. But have you ever noticed just how many of these seemingly perfect adults are absolutely miserable? They are living unfulfilled lives trying to please everyone around them; they take so much responsibility for the happiness of people around them that they forget about their own!

One thing most dying people regret isnot having the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them. We encourage you to take a hard look at your life and ask yourself a question, are you living the life that you truly desire? Are you achieving your goals for your own happiness or simply to be accepted by the society as its successful member? If you believe somewhere along the way you stopped being yourself and acting upon your true desires, this article is for you.

Stop obsessing over other people's opinions

The biggest obstacle that many of us have to achieving our true desires is worrying about what other people may think of us. Truth is, no one cares! Most people are too self-absorbed and busy worrying about what you think of THEM to notice every little thing you do. Yes they may notice if you fall down on the ground, and may even laugh at you, but at the end of the day they are going to come back to their own lives and insecurities and forget about you. So stop obsessing over other people’s opinions and start making steps to becoming your true self.

Learn to love criticism

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” ~Aristotle

Going back to those laughing at you when you fall; they will always be there. The doubters, the non-believers, those who are too afraid to admit they are secretly wishing they were you. Learn to look through the facade and understand that their criticism is nothing but an indication that you have become different from them.

Stop your people pleasing habit

At times it may feel like your life can be so much easier if you avoid confrontation and stay in an always positive relationship with the people around you. Unfortunately, trying to escape conflict at all costs means you will have to always sacrifice your own needs and desires. Always saying yes to keep those around you happy does not make you a better person; it makes you a miserable person! Listen to your heart and if it tells you something is wrong, let those around you know. Don’t be afraid to give a solid no, even if it will upset someone you love.

Realize you have something to offer to this world

Every person comes to this world with a unique set of talents to offer. Your job is to discover what it is and then express it to your best ability. Your unexpressed ideas don’t simply go away, instead, they destroy your self confidence and lead you to believe you are worthless. Don’t be so afraid of judgement and criticism that you never allow yourself to discover those natural gifts you were born with.

It takes courage to be completely honest with yourself and make decisions based on what you believe is right. Stay focused and be true to yourself in every moment, that way you will be less concerned with what people around you may think of you. Nothing can be more liberating than being yourself as fully as you know how. Being yourself is a moment-by-moment choice of embracing your truth and being fearless enough to share it with the world. When you have nothing to hide and you can freely be yourself with everyone, there is a profound peace and confidence you will exude to the world.

Be yourself, the world will adjust!

Be Dissident, Be You!


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