We believe in transformation, and we are committed to seeing it everywhere and in everyone around us. We want to see it in YOU. No matter how good a person is at a given moment, we believe there is always room for improvement.

Be Resilient

It is alright when you are looked down upon. As long as you do not allow yourself to be defined by what others think about you, you are safe. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and you are not under any obligation to live according to their expectations. When people believe you cannot amount to much, the best response is to prove them wrong.

Keep on Going

You are the only person who can decide where you want to stop and when you have had enough. If you stop at what people think about you, you will never realize what you could be and how far you could have gone.

No matter who you are right now, you can be better – you can be phenomenal, you can be unforgettable, and you can transform yourself into a living legend. You need to rise from your butt and give the world a surprise. Break the barriers and limitations that people have placed on you and unleash your true self into the world.

Be All Action, No Talk

Talk is cheap. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you want your world to see what they have not seen before, you will have to strike your world with laser-calculated precision. If you are ready to pay the price, you can be anyone you want.


Get practical with your life. It is time to recreate your thought pattern and infuse excellence into your everyday life. Start with the way you work out. Increase your commitment, increase the number of reps, increase the drops of sweat, increase the intensity and increase the time frame.

Show up early, stay engaged and be one of the last to leave. Be tenacious. 

Final Thoughts

Settle your doubts. Decide how far you want to go. If you still doubt yourself, it is time to cast it off and redefine your reality. There are people who already look down on you – don’t be your own worst enemy.

Now, go ahead and SHATTER EXPECTATIONS. Be phenomenal and do not apologize for it.


Be Dissident, be YOU!

Dissident is dedicated to helping more people say, "I CAN!" through our motivational workout clothes and top of the line fitness apparel for both men and women. When those around you are giving in to the pressure, the DISSIDENT team stands strong. 

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