Turn Your Weakness Into Strength August 29, 2016 19:13

In life and in fitness, we’re all naturally better at some things than at others. Thanks to genetics, certain types of exercise feel easier or more enjoyable. But just because an activity or body part isn’t your strong suit doesn’t mean you should skip it all together. In fact, “if you want to see dramatic changes in your fitness level, you need to do things that you're not very good at or predisposed to.” 

It is true that if you want to commit to a fit and healthy life, you have to find an enjoyable way to do so. With time, however, you will inevitably run into a wall; it may be a certain exercise that is giving you hard time, or a body part that seems to be very difficult to train. Your first desire may be to give up and go back to the training style that you find easy and enjoyable. We challenge you not to! Instead of giving up, accept the setback and double up on those sets.   

To help you stay motivated, we’ve compiled a list of three powerful techniques that can help you turn your weakness into strength:

Track your progress

It is easy to get into negative mindset if you feel like what you are doing doesn’t bring you any results. Write down your goals, but don’t forget to give yourself some extra time to achieve them if you know you are working on your weakness. Track you progress, however small! Once you start seeing results, you will know you are on the right track, and that in itself may be enough to keep you motivated.

Find a mentor

You don’t need to hire an expensive coach (although, if you can, we highly recommend that!) People who consider themselves to be experts in certain areas can talk for hours about their passion. Become their friend! You’d be surprised how easy it is to stay motivated when you have a likeminded and successful person helping you along the way. If all fails, get on YouTube, Instagram or any other platform that you use and look for those who’ve achieved what you desire. Take their advice and watch the results flood in.

Invest in quality gear

Proper gear makes any activity so much more enjoyable. Whatever your weakness is, investing in quality stuff will make it bearable. If you have never been a good runner, but training for a race, make sure you at least purchase quality running shoes. You may still feel like dying after you run a couple miles, but at least you can be sure your feet, legs and joints are going to stay injury free.

People that get a little better train their strengths, people that see dramatic gains train their weaknesses. At Dissident, we strive for greatness. Don’t let your weaknesses take over, go and work on them instead!


Be Dissident, Be You!