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CARPE DIEM October 23, 2017 00:00


No matter how you handled yesterday, there is nothing you can do about it now. Whatever tomorrow has to offer has yet to be unveiled – and you have no control over it. The only time you can control is NOW – so bring your A-GAME and make the best of it.

You may think you can just do it tomorrow  but tomorrow is a myth because there is always a tomorrow. If you are not going to do it now, then you may never actually get around to doing it. Make the best of the now and get right to what you planned to do.

DOMINATE THE IMPOSSIBLE October 16, 2017 00:00


Not only do we have an extreme aversion to the word “impossible,” we believe that it is one of the biggest delusions of all time. “Impossible” has robbed the world of the best innovations and inventions. Dreams have died because of it and ideas never saw the light of day.

The word impossible is just a personal opinion about the probability that something will happen or can be done. The fact that the word is common on the streets does not make it valid or established.

A Look Back in History

Most of the inventions you see around you right now were once considered impossible until someone proved them wrong. People thought that horses were the fasted things on Earth, until Henry Ford was able to improve on Karl Benz’s patents and made horses look like jokes. The flight of man was impossible before the Wright brothers came on the scene. Steel bridges were impossible before Andrew Carnegie. And electricity would not power bulbs until Thomas Edison defied the impossible. The truth: Impossibility is overrated, ignore it.

If you can vehemently decide to believe in possibilities, you will find yourself opening your life to a whole new dimension of accomplishments and results. You need to woo your mind and re-engineer the way you think.

As long as you continue to see yourself under that siege of impossibility, you will not be able to see beyond your nose and you may not be able to defy the odds and show the world what they have been missing. If you can change your mindset, you can change your life.

Have a Positive Mindset

Your life is constantly shaped by what you believe and how strong your belief is. You can change your life right here and right now by making new decisions and seeing life from a particular perspective. Dare to stray beyond the boundaries of possibility. Take a trip in your imagination and see things the world has yet to experience and bring them to life.

Don’t Settle for Average

Average sucks and normal is boring. If you want to make your mark in society, you need to run very far from the concept of impossibility.

The most phenomenal people who have walked the face of the Earth are those who dared to turn themselves into impossibility specialists. One of the main reasons why you should attempt it is because it is “impossible.”

Final Thoughts

The world will be a better place if you make it your lifestyle to challenge impossibility with the power of excellence and path-finding creativity.


Be Dissident, be YOU!

Dissident is dedicated to helping more people say, "I CAN!" through our motivational workout clothes and top of the line fitness apparel for both men and women. When those around you are giving in to the pressure, the DISSIDENT team stands strong. 

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STAY STRONG October 02, 2017 00:00


When you come face-to-face with a condition such as breast cancer, it is never easy. Here, you have only two choices you either give up, or you roll up your sleeves and fight like hell.


Your mindset is powerful. If you continue to think you can beat this, then you will. It starts with the way you see it. It is not the end of the road if you refuse to accept it as the end of the road. 

There are days you will feel like you are at the end of the rope and there is no more room. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Go ahead, tie a knot and hang on.” Make it clear to yourself and everyone around you that you are not giving up no matter what. This is not about how you feel or the pain it is about defining your reality with strength from within.

Take the battle to a whole new level with a mindset that is stronger than the medical condition. Though cancer may have part of your body, as long as it does not have your mind, you are winning the war.

Do Not Give Up

Most of us will never know how strong we are until we have no other choice than to be strong. You do not know how far you can go until you have made up your mind to go all the way. As long as you keep your mind strong, you are not going down you will remain a survivor.

You may wonder, “How long is this going to last?” or “How long am I going to be expected to hang on?” See, your wait is not forever. Your battle is not going to rage eternally, keep the faith and you will see your recovery in no time. Your concern should always be how to stay positive and how to keep your mind empowered. If you can do this, your part is done. Just sit back and watch your strength return and health restore.

Final Thoughts

As a form of precaution, make sure that the people around you do not give up either. They also need to see that you are not giving up and brace themselves to fight this with you. We know you are a survivor, we know you are winning.

No matter how tough it gets, stay strong you are beating it.


Be Dissident, be YOU!

Dissident is dedicated to helping more people say, "I CAN!" through our motivational workout clothes and top of the line fitness apparel for both men and women. When those around you are giving in to the pressure, the DISSIDENT team stands strong. 

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NO EXCUSES September 25, 2017 10:17

Excuses are fertilizers to failure. They will always exist. The secret is to be stronger than your excuses. If you want an excuse to not get into your workout gear today, you will surely find many. The problems are never the potency of your excuse, it is the frailty of your commitment.






Motivation Monday: Don't Quit September 15, 2017 15:32

 We have been there before. We know what it feels like. We know the feeling of “nothing is working” — the feeling that we have no choice but to just throw in the towel and let it go. But we are here to tell you that you do not have to quit.

Life is not fair. It never gives you what you want or what you deserve, it will only give you what you stubbornly demand for — and that is exactly where you need to be and what you need to do. Sometimes, you just need to come to the point where you decide that giving up is not an option no matter what is going on around you. 



Motivation Monday: Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone September 09, 2017 19:16

 The richest plots of land on Earth are not diamond deposits or oil wells, they are graveyards — enriched with all the talents and abilities that will never be used again. 

Life is short. If you are not willing to go all the way, then do not even start. It is either you go hard or you go home! If you want success, you need to be ready to bend your back, roll up your sleeves and sweat it out. Some people do not push themselves as hard as they can.  

We all love the idea of success and we all want it. However, you should not cross your two legs sipping tea when you are supposed to be working your butt off. Success only comes to those who are willing to pay its price and it can only be bought with the currency of hard labor and deliberate intention.

Motivation Monday: Never Give Up September 03, 2017 10:28

 We do not believe in survival. We want to live in abundance and that is going to come with a lot of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. Sometimes you hit rock bottom and you may have to start all over again and it can be really painful. Life is easy when you have not failed, but it gets complicated in the face of failure and obstacles. You need to know how to hang in there when the going gets tough.

When you come face to face with failure, you may feel a bit lost and completely out of tune. You may need to take a step back, take time out to study your entire journey, compare your journey to those who are successful — and find out what you've been doing wrong. You might have simply missed a single step, therefore you have to back and try again. Never give up, just keep trying, you'll get it right. If there's one thing that all successful people have in common, it's the fact that they never give up.


Motivation Monday: Dare to be Different August 26, 2017 12:15


There are no two people in this world who are exactly alike. We have traits we all share, but we are very different from one other — and you must come to terms with this. You are not in competition with anyone in regard to the way you look or the way you think. You are you — and you deserve to be treated as unique and different.

One of the most powerful things on Earth is your identity and how you use it. “Who you are”is not as important as “who you think you are.” That is why you need to establish your identity as a different and unique individual. Identity is what will help you stay different and fulfilled in a world where everyone is trying to conform in order to fit in.


Motivation Monday: No Shortcuts August 20, 2017 16:45

 The price of success can only be paid in the currency of hard labor. If you want to succeed at anything you are doing, you need to roll up your sleeves, bend your back and earn your dignity with sweat. There are no valid shortcuts to success and greatness. The price you pay is what will determine what you will get at the end of the day.

Shortcuts are a myth. That is a fact. You need to get rid of the mentality of giving nothing and expecting to get something in return — it doesn't work that way. One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for failure is to keep looking for the easiest ways to get results. If it is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Insist on getting things done the right way and you will see how much that shapes your expectations and how much commitment it gives you. Avoid shortcuts.


Motivation Monday: You're Closer Than You Were Yesterday August 14, 2017 08:45

 It may look as if you are still where you used to be, and you may have this feeling of stagnation, probably because the results are not coming as soon as you expected. You may not be there yet, but I can assure you that you are not where you were yesterday. Your daily commitment to your growth and progress is like taking steps — it doesn't look significant at first, however, if you hang on long enough, you will see how far you have come from where you started from.  

To appreciate how far you have come, you need to clearly define your goals and also try to recall where you used to be and what you used to do. You will notice that improvement if you have been committed to becoming better.

Even if your efforts have not yielded tangible results, you need to know that every effort you make helps you to grow, and when you grow, your capacity to handle life gets improved. Be committed to taking these little steps and you will see yourself where you want to be.

Motivation Monday: Be Stronger Than Your Excuses August 05, 2017 17:38


The easiest way to fail in life is to give and accept excuses. No matter how tenable and genuine your excuse is, it is still an excuse — and it will never make up for the real deal.

Here are a few tips to win over your excuses:

 1.    Have a clear and realistic goal

If you have goals that mean a lot to you, you will never settle for an excuse. You must set a target for yourself that will keep you on your toes and keep your destiny in your hands. You need to constantly see the result for which you are willing to pay the price — this is one of the best forms of motivation. Let there be a target that you have set and that will bring out the best in you.

 2.    Let the goal produce a plan

Every realistic goal has the capacity to produce a well laid out plan. This plan is the blueprint for successful goal achievement. It is very easy to cook up a dream, it costs nothing. Produce a step by step strategy to get what you want. If you have a sound plan, the possibilities of excuses will reduce drastically. People who do not value the process of planning end up producing only one thing — excuses.

Motivation Monday: Believe in the Impossible July 23, 2017 12:28


“Impossibility” is a relative term. It describes our perceptions about the valid proof of probability of an event happening. For a full and robust life, you need to believe that you can do things that are deemed to be impossible and achieve results that have never been achieved before.

Henry Ford believed that horses were not the fastest thing possible, the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, believed that man could fly and Thomas Edison believed  electricity could light up a bulb. These were all considered“impossible until they were executed by the right people.   


Motivation Monday: You Become What You Believe July 09, 2017 16:20

What separates a successful person from someone who’s given up on their life? Some may say it is the better financial situation, healthier bodies, and happier upbringings. If that was the case, how would you explain the incredible successes of people like Oprah Winfrey? Oprah was born into a poor family in Mississippi, but that didn't stop her from winning a scholarship to Tennessee State University and becoming the first African American TV correspondent in the state at the age of 19 and later establishing her famous “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Or how about Richard Branson, who has dyslexia and has been performing poorly on all the standardized tests throughout his school years?

Are you Dissident? July 02, 2017 13:22

 To be Dissident means to go against the grain, to believe in yourself and not accept the status quo. To go against the odds and come out stronger based on your own merits and hard work. Being Dissident isn't about going against the norm just to be defiant, it is about going against the norm because you know you can do better.

Dissidents Don’t Make Excuses

Dissidents Understand The Power Of Their Minds

Dissidents Live Life On Their Own Terms

Dissidents Know Regrets Suck

Dissidents Are OK With Being Different

Dissidents Do The Hard Work


One day? Or day one? You decide. June 24, 2017 00:00


How many times in your life have you told yourself that you wished you’d gotten in a better shape, started a business or built better relationships? We all want something, whether it is a new job, healthier eating habits, or simply a more positive outlook on life. Have you ever considered what may have been stopping you from achieving all these goals? Sure, it could be that you are busy or lack perfect genetics, or perhaps, you feel that you don’t have any support from those around you.



Strive For Progress, Not Perfection! June 17, 2017 11:08

In our fast paced, ever demanding society, staying on top of your game seems to be the only way to go. You have to be number one in your field, and among your friends and peers. We take this societal pressure as given and rarely question whether trying to be perfect in every situation really makes us happy. Most perfectionist people would never even consider themselves to be that way, because they believe that nothing in their lives is perfect; hence, they can’t be perfectionists. But being a perfectionist isn’t about things being perfect; it's about thinking things need to be perfect and tirelessly pursuing it. The perfectionist is on a constant run trying to catch that feeling of having everything in their lives be “right.” When they achieve that feeling, however, it is usually never satisfying, as it tends to be temporary.


How To Stay Strong When Life Gets Tough June 10, 2017 13:10

For each and every one of us, life is full of ups and downs. Tough times are inevitable — whether you're dealing with a serious health problem, a financial crisis or the loss of a loved one. It's during those tough times that your mental strength will be tested. It’s naïve to believe life will treat you any differently simply because you are a good person. When life throws you a curveball, if you lack adequate mental strength — challenges can fill you with self-doubt and anxiety. Those feelings, in turn, can then lead to negative thinking. This will affect your behavior, which can inadvertently turn your catastrophic predictions into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Staying strong in the midst of hardship requires you to manage your thoughts, feelings and behavior. It's never easy, however, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you conquer whatever crisis you are going through.


EXECUTE: Start Doing The Things You Say You Want to Do June 03, 2017 17:08

 Most of us have dreams. It is even safe to say that all of us have dreams. You may want to quit the job you hate or finally get your health in check. Perhaps, you want to learn a new language or start your own business. In a perfect world you would be able to accomplish all these dreams, but in reality they are probably left to die somewhere in between your “to-do sometime in the future” and “I don’t have time for this now.” Why does this happen so often? Most of the time the reason is simple; we don’t want it nearly as strongly as we say we do. You may disagree and argue that you really want your dream to come true.  If that’s so, then why aren’t you working on making it a reality?



Give It All You Got! May 28, 2017 00:00

How many times in your life did you feel like giving up? At any given time there could be all sorts of situations that push us to our limits, test us — and may eventually make us want to give up. Sometimes we may even give up before starting something new due to the time and effort a goal requires.

Live Your Life on Your Own Terms May 19, 2017 00:00

Living life on your own terms means taking responsibility for your own actions and making your own decisions for yourself. Most of the time carving your own path means that you will have to break the rules, swim upstream and stop caring so much about what other people think about you or your actions. Making your own rules can be tough. At the end, it is always easier to be a follower than a leader. But have you ever heard of a follower that has made history? Neither have we.

Refuse to Be Average May 14, 2017 19:30

Average (adjective)

 - typical; common; ordinary.

In recent years term average has become somewhat of an insult when applied to a person. No one wants to be called average! Yet a lot of people don’t realize that the lives most of us live every day, the jobs we are holding, the successes we are celebrating are not that special at all. They are just average. Not good, and not bad, just not that unusual. In fact, there is nothing wrong with being average if your dreams lie somewhere between having a decent paying job and someday starting a family.


Mindset is Everything: Tips On Developing Growth Mindset May 06, 2017 11:04

Have you ever heard of the term “growth mindset”? The concept first appeared in word-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In her book she explains why simply having a talent and ability to achieve success is not enough. You have to also have the right mindset, or, what she calls it “growth mindset.” In a growth mindset, people believe that their abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Having brains and talent is not everything; it is just a starting point. Having growth mindset develops love for learning and resilience; both are essential for any great accomplishment in life. On the other hand, fixed mindset believes that talents are innate and cannot be developed with hard work. Individuals with a fixed mindset are more worried about looking smart and successful than actually working on developing their skills and abilities.



Be Your Own Hero - Dissident Gym Wear April 30, 2017 18:00

At some point of our lives most of us had someone we´ve looked up to, be that our parent, school teacher or a celebrity. This person was our hero, someone we though had everything we could only hope for. He or she inspired us to grow up and become just like them when we are older. As we mature, we start to realize that someone else´s life cannot be replicated with the same level of success and if we want to make something out of ourselves we need to find our own path. We need to become our own heroes.




Stop wishing for your goals to come true. Work to make them happen! April 24, 2017 01:56

Since its birth, the movie, and later the book The Secret has been teaching people that maintaining a positive outlook on life, clearly envisioning the great future and ignoring anything else is the one and only way to achieve success. Don't get us wrong! If anything, we at Dissident will be the first ones to tell you that your mindset is everything



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