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Motivation Monday: You Become What You Believe

July 09, 2017

What separates a successful person from someone who’s given up on their life? Some may say it is a better financial situation, healthier bodies, and happier upbringings. If that was the case, how would you explain the incredible successes of people like Oprah Winfrey? Oprah was born into a poor family in Mississippi, but that didn't stop her from winning a scholarship to Tennessee State University and becoming the first African American TV correspondent in the state at the age of 19 and later establishing her famous The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Or how about Richard Branson, who has dyslexia and performed poorly on all the standardized tests throughout his school years? Instead of giving up, he used the power of his personality to drive him to success. Today, Branson is the fourth richest person in the UK and is known for developing Virgin Records and many of its more technologically advanced spinoffs.  

So what makes one person turn their adversity into positive energy, while another wants to turn up their toes and be done with it? This is where our belief system comes into play. Those who believe that nothing good will ever happen to them have doomed themselves from the start.

There has been a lot said about positive thinking and how it can change people’s lives. What most people don’t realize is that positive thinking is not about actively changing the universe to accommodate their needs, but rather empowering our own minds to see creative ways out of complicated situations. This is where we need to change our self-talk, as well as our focus.

Stop telling yourself what you can’t do and start convincing yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind into. What you say about yourself will affect your whole life and everything you try or attempt to do. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life today, we have the workout accessories that can help. If not, keep reading for more inspiration!

Positive attitude can…

  1. Help you realize that it is OK if things didn’t go the way you hoped they would. If you believe your “failure” was meant to teach you a lesson and that you can do better next time, the setback won’t stop you from pursuing your dreams further.
  2. Help you accept the situation as it is, then find the positive side. That’s how we grow and learn from our experiences. Acceptance makes it easier for us to see how we can improve that situation.
  3. Stop you from being too hard on yourself. Don’t think that if everything hasn’t come out right, it’s just because you didn’t think hard enough. Developing a positive attitude doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lifelong process, but it will happen.

Olympic athletes often visualize their performance in advance, concentrating on how they'll execute at their best and bring home the gold. The best-of-the-best fully expect to be named champions, even before they enter the arena.

In your case, what's running through your mind when you are trying to win at some part of your life? Are you thinking about all the things that could go wrong? Obsessing how bad it will be if you blow it? In the same way we can affect positive results, we can completely sabotage our efforts by focusing on all the things that can go wrong.

The field of Positive Psychology has recently exploded with extensive research on how our mindset can impact our outcomes. It turns out that envisioning the win in advance isn't just wishful thinking. In fact, positive mental framework actually contributes to better results.

Knowing that your mindset plays a key role in performance, start pumping yourself up each day instead of sliding into the worry trap. While you’re donning your workout accessories, take a minute to clearly visualize the ideal outcomes and focus on how you'll deliver your best in the gym. It can be a key ingredient to joining the ranks of top performing business leaders, athletes, or scientists. Remember, what you believe, you become. So start believing that you already are the person you want to be and see the magic happen.




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