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To be Dissident means to go against the grain, to believe in yourself and not accept the status quo. To go against the odds and come out stronger based on your own merits and hard work. Being Dissident isn't about going against the norm just to be defiant, it is about going against the norm because you know you can do better.

Dissidents Don’t Make Excuses

Whatever they are working on achieving, be that a dream body or world peace, Dissidents know they need to give their absolute best each and every day. They are too busy building the life of their dreams to spend a single minute making excuses for why something did not work out.


Dissidents Understand The Power Of Their Minds

They know that their lives are nothing more than mirrored images of what’s going on inside their heads. They are not looking for external validation to feel successful. Dissidents understand that happiness starts within themselves, and they are working every day to control the thoughts and images that they let into their brains.

Dissidents Live Life On Their Own Terms

They accept responsibility for their actions and understand that carving their own path occasionally requires them to break the rules, swim upstream, and stop caring so much about what other people may think. This doesn’t mean they are disrespectful; quite the opposite! They appreciate freethinkers and opinions different from their own, however, in every situation they stay true to themselves and their inner voice.

Dissidents Know Regrets Suck

That’s why they don’t stop pursuing their dreams because of a few setbacks. No matter how small or grandiose their dream may seem, they understand the road to success is never straight or easy. As difficult as their path may be, they know that nothing is worse than stopping halfway and living the rest of their lives wondering “what if?”

Dissidents Are OK With Being Different

They know that being true to yourself comes with a price. Not everyone will understand or accept them, and they are OK with that. They know they are unique human beings with unique talents to offer this world. They love and appreciate their small tribe of close friends and have no interest in changing their personalities to appeal to a wider audience.

Dissidents Do The Hard Work

They know that nothing worth pursuing ever comes easy, and they don’t expect to achieve big results with minimal effort. Dissidents work hard for their dreams, they fight for what they believe is right and don’t give up when life gets tough.

The only way to improve any situation in life IS to be DISSIDENT. Doing what you know is right, not just doing what you're told. Being part of TEAM DISSIDENT is being part of a movement toward bettering yourself, your community and your world.

Are you Dissident?


Be Dissident, be YOU!

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