Motivation Monday: Believe in the Impossible July 23, 2017 12:28



“Impossibility” is a relative term. It describes our perceptions about the valid proof of probability of an event happening. For a full and robust life, you need to believe that you can do things that are deemed to be impossible and achieve results that have never been achieved before.

Henry Ford believed that horses were not the fastest thing possible, the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, believed that man could fly and Thomas Edison believed  electricity could light up a bulb. These were all considered“impossible until they were executed by the right people.   


Your life is constantly shaped by what you believe in and how strong your belief is. You can change your life right here and right now by making new decisions and  seeing life from a particular perspective.

It doesn't  matter how you feel about the future or what you believe it holds for you, the power to shape it is in your hands now. If you have any valid limitations right now — they are those you have created for yourself and by yourself. You cannot be limited by your past because it is already behind you — and if you deal with it properly, it cannot affect you in the future. You cannot be limited by your talents because you have everything you will need. You cannot be limited by what people think about you because you are the only one who has the key to your life — not anyone else.

“Normal”is boring and the notion is overrated. A phenomenal life is one that is built on the foundation of believing in the possibility of a life of awesomeness characterized by breaking barriers and setting new records  day-to-day. You need to make your visions come true by dreaming them and coming back to reality to make them happen.

If you really believe in the impossible, you need to also commit to what you want. Your faith in the impossibility will show through your excruciating passion and selfless sacrifice for what you believe in. If you want to see the unusual, you must believe in the unusual — and you must commit to seeing it become your daily experience for now.

The truth is, that as long as you believe, there is really nothing that is impossible. It is impossible because either no one has tried it yet, or no one was able to do it at that time. The people with the most outstanding lives are those who are specialists in  impossibility. For example, Pablo Picasso was known to always attempt to do what he could not do — and that was how he got the job done.

If you dare to believe in the impossible, you have just set the stage for it to happen. Your faith is the channel with which you communicate prepare your world for the impossible. You need to modify your life with fear to see and embrace the adventures of the impossible. It is not magic.

Your world is always your expression of what you are expecting, what you are seeing and what you are working toward. Break the boundaries, leap over obstacles, think awesomeness, dream the incredible and expect the impossible.


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