EXECUTE: Start Doing The Things You Say You Want to Do June 03, 2017 17:08

Most of us have dreams. It is even safe to say that all of us have dreams. You may want to quit the job you hate or finally get your health in check. Perhaps, you want to learn a new language or start your own business. In a perfect world you would be able to accomplish all of these dreams, but in reality they are probably left to die somewhere in between your “to-do sometime in the future” and “I don’t have time for this now.” Why does this happen so often? Most of the time the reason is simple — we don’t want it nearly as strongly as we say we do. You may disagree and argue that you really want your dream to come true.  If that’s so, then why aren’t you working on making it a reality?


If you want to change this pattern of coming up with a dream and never accomplishing it, we have good news for you — all it takes is a shift in your perception.

Focus on benefits

A lot of times when we have an idea in our head that we would love to make a reality, our brain goes directly into negative thinking. We start coming up with excuses that working on the goal will be boring, tough, or will take up a lot of our time. Your brain is a master manipulator and the last thing it wants is to have to solve another problem or shake the status quo. Therefore, to get anything done in life, you absolutely have to learn to concentrate on the pros of accomplishing your goal, rather than the cons. Come up with a list of all the awesome things you will experience when your dream comes true — this will help increase your motivation.

Envision having it

All of the greatest achievements were just ideas in someone’s head at one point in time. Nothing comes into existence without a vision and you need to make sure you create an image of what you want. Once you establish a clear image of your end goal, imagine having it. What would your life be like if your health got better? Could you spend more time playing with your kids? Enjoy freedom from medication? How about getting your dream job? Would it provide you with a greater sense of accomplishment? You get the idea.

Write it down

Start with the end result, then break it down into small, easy steps. Most importantly, attach a specific timeline to each of your steps and the main goal. Do you want your goal to be accomplished in 18 months? Alright, then what do you need to do three, six or 12 months prior?

Remove distractions

Daily distractions are by far the biggest productivity killers. For example, if want to lose weight, start by removing all the junk food from your kitchen. Spend a little bit of time preparing your lunches and healthy snacks. Trust us, you will much less likely grab a donut when you prepare your food in advance.

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