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Be the Anomaly - 5 Reasons to Live Life True to Yourself November 6, 2016 20:59

What comes to your mind when you think of the term “anomaly?”

By definition, anomaly means something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. When it rains in the middle of July in Southern California, we call it an anomaly. Dark matter, placebo effect--those are just some examples that come to mind when we think of the term. In today’s world, however, a new type of anomaly is emerging; that is being so unapologetically you that you become the anomaly in the eyes of others.

"It sounds so simple, but if you just be yourself, you're different than anyone else." - Tony Bennett

So much has been said about being yourself, developing your own unique skills and celebrating your own talents; yet, most of us are still trying to copy our friends, celebrities, or some ideal we’ve created in our heads. When it comes to being yourself, there can be a lot of pressure from the outside world as it tries to influence who you are. Learning for yourself and standing up to those who do not accept you can be downright intimidating; however, as scary as it may seem, showing your real self to the world is one of the most liberating experiences you 'll have. Be The ANOMALY! We’ve got all the workout accessories you’ll need in our online store.

Not convinced? Read our five reasons why choosing to lose the mask will be your best decision ever.

1. There Is No One On Planet Earth Quite Like You

A lot of people share the same interests and hobbies. A lot of us have similar talents and abilities, but the way you use your talents is unique to you. There will not be another you! You are unique and you do not have to pretend to be someone else to create something amazing in this world.

2. You Will Find Your Tribe

Ever had a friend who would only appear when it is convenient for them or when everything's going well in your life? When you become your true self you stop bending over backwards for people who clearly don’t care about you. As a benefit, you free yourself up to those who truly belong in your life. You find your tribe. These people will love and support you, your true you. They will be by your side when you fall and when you succeed, and they will not judge you for bringing your true personality to the table.

3. You Will Establish Your Boundaries

At some point most of us would overextend ourselves or go against our best judgement to keep someone else happy. When you become your true self, you learn your limits and set boundaries for yourself and others. You will know when someone has crossed them and will not tolerate it. You will not allow people walk all over you or take advantage of you. Being true to yourself means saying ‘no’ to people and things that go against your principles, even if your answer makes someone unhappy.

4. You Will Create Focus And Direction

How likely is someone to succeed if he or she has no idea what their true goals are or what talents they have to achieve them? When you don’t know or understand yourself you cannot see a clear path. You may start one thing, then give up, then start something else. Perhaps, you eventually settle down for something "good enough". Living your life in accordance with your true destiny, however, brings everything you do to the next level. Your life will not just be ‘good enough’; it will be fulfilling and book-worthy.

5. You Will Direct Your Energy Elsewhere

“The thing about lying is, it is quite exhausting - you have to remember a lot.” - Rupert Everett

How much time and personal energy do you spend crafting your perfect personality? It is a huge drain on your mind, body and soul to frequently pretend to be, or feel like you need to be, someone else. Instead of enjoying your short period on this planet, you are constantly thinking about how to act and what to say. Just relax. There are no perfect people, and if someone seems to be, you only need to dig a bit deeper to see the truth. We are all battling our inner demons and there is nothing more exhausting than having to put on a mask day after day.  

By living your life true to yourself you embark on one of the most exciting journeys. Do not settle down to be someone else’s copy. Be The ANOMALY!


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