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Motivation Monday: No Shortcuts

August 20, 2017

Motivation Monday: No Shortcuts

 The price of success can only be paid in the currency of hard labor. If you want to succeed at anything you are doing, you need to roll up your sleeves, bend your back and earn your dignity with sweat. There are no valid shortcuts to success and greatness. The price you pay is what will determine what you will get at the end of the day.

Shortcuts are a myth. That is a fact. You need to get rid of the mentality of giving nothing and expecting to get something in return — it doesn't work that way. One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for failure is to keep looking for the easiest ways to get results. If it is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Insist on getting things done the right way and you will see how much that shapes your expectations and how much commitment it gives you. Avoid shortcuts.

Hard work leads to creativity. If you want to be phenomenal at anything you do, then you want to be thorough with your work and that takes time and energy. You can only work hard if you are ready to give everything you have to get the job done. If you are not ready to work hard, you will never see how many ideas and inspirations that will flood your mind. One of the best ways to develop your mind is to commit to getting the best out of it.

Working hard has a ripple effect and touches every aspect of your life. Your relationships improve because people want to associate with you and they are sure that you can be trusted to deliver when saddled with responsibilities. You will earn more because your customers and clients will be willing to pay more for your hard work and commitment. You will not need to advertise yourself so much — those who have seen what you have done will continue to talk to family and friends about you.

If you really want to pay the price, you must be willing to go all the way. Forget about giving up because quitting is never an option, it is that commitment to excellence that keeps you going in the face of challenges, obstacles, oppositions and controversy. You have a duty to yourself and it is giving your best anytime you are called upon.

If you are not ready to go hard, and then go home.” Hard work is easier said than done. It will take a lot of sacrifice on your part and you must be ready for such. At some point, you will feel like giving up. What should keep you going is the understanding that hard work pays off. If you want to get the best of life, then bend your back and go all the way.


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