Motivation Monday: Never Give Up September 3, 2017 10:28

 We do not believe in survival. We want to live in abundance and that is going to come with a lot of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. Sometimes you hit rock bottom and you may have to start all over again and it can be really painful. Life is easy when you have not failed, but it gets complicated in the face of failure and obstacles. You need to know how to hang in there when the going gets tough.

When you come face to face with failure, you may feel a bit lost and completely out of tune. You may need to take a step back, take time out to study your entire journey, compare your journey to those who are successful — and find out what you've been doing wrong. You might have simply missed a single step, therefore you have to back and try again. Never give up, just keep trying, you'll get it right. If there's one thing that all successful people have in common, it's the fact that they never give up.

If you realize you have lost motivation even after looking at your original plan over and over again, then maybe it's time to get yourself involved in some competition.

When you participate in a 100-meter sprint, the finish line is not enough to make you a winner — the idea that someone might actually get there before you makes you one. The heat of competition keeps you motivated and makes you better daily. Engaging in healthy competitions will motivate you to keep setting higher goals and push yourself to the limit.

Even if there seems to be no hope left, look deeper and you are likely to see that something still keeps you going. The most innovative things on Earth were invented by people who were crazy enough to hold on even when it was not making any sense. Thomas Edison lost count of failed electric bulbs, Walt Disney was fired for “lack of imagination,”Steve Jobs was fired from his own company and Soichiro Honda was ostracized from his native land of Japan for his vision. They all made it to the Hall of Fame because they desperately held on to unpopular ideas. Do not throw in the towel!

Falling down is not what defines you, it is what you do when you get to the floor. If you stay down, then you have failed. As long as you get back on your feet to continue, it is not over yet.

Rise from the ashes, pick yourself up from the dust and get going again. If you are looking for a reason to give up, you will surely get many, but if you have only one reason to hang in there, hang on. Once you start learning how to give up, you get used to it and you begin to live as if life owes you something.

The truth is, you can never beat anyone who will not give up. As long as you still have any fight left in you, your chances of success are still secured. Reach for the stars — and stay phenomenal!


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