Stop wishing for your goals to come true. Work to make them happen! April 24, 2017 01:56

Since its birth, the movie, and later the book The Secret has been teaching people that maintaining a positive outlook on life, clearly envisioning the great future and ignoring anything else is the one and only way to achieve success. Don't get us wrong! If anything, we at Dissident will be the first ones to tell you that your mindset is everything. What the popular concept described in The Secret fails to mention, however, is that sitting and thinking happy thoughts is not enough. You have to get yourself in the mindset of achieving and doing, not simply visualizing. With that being said, visualization still plays a major role in helping you achieve your goals. For most people to take action, especially sustained and repeated action toward the attainment of any goal, we need to believe the outcome. Without that belief, there is no action. And, without action, there is no accomplishment. Therefore, whenever you repetitively visualize positive outcome it creates belief in your head that helps you move forward achieving your desired goals. 

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A lot of people, however, never make their dreams come true. They may create a visual board, buy a dozen of self-help books and in the end achieve absolutely nothing. Of course, there may be a myriad of reasons why one fails to achieve his or her goal. But most of us fail because we simply don't work hard enough. 

Failure to start

To live a life full of achievements, you first need to define what success looks like to you by writing down specific and measurable goals. If you are curious how, check out our earlier blog on goal setting HERE. Once you are past that stage, you need to ACT. And act immediately, before your brain convinces you that your goal is too much for you to handle right now. Failure to start is one of the most common reasons so many people end up wishing for something instead of actively pursuing it. Make that first step, no matter how small.  

Not having a strong enough WHY

As we mentioned earlier, having a clear picture of a positive outcome helps your brain believe that goal achievement is possible. Creating that picture without understanding why you want to achieve it, however, will always create doubts. When we set goals for the wrong reasons and chase after things we don’t really need or desire; we aren’t driven to pursue them, commit to them or achieve them and end up wasting a great deal of time, energy and money that could have been spent pursuing things that resonate with us. 

Focus on too many things at once

If you come from the Western culture, you know how favorably staying busy is looked at. We need to be the best at everything, achieve a bunch of goals simultaneously and be a Jack of all trades. None of us are meant to do everything, neither can we do everything. It is important for us to discover what we are really good at, passionate about and most driven to do and focus on and perfect that one thing. 

Giving up when it gets tough

Nothing worth having is ever easy. Some goals will really require you blood, sweat and tears. We live in a time that promotes instant gratification and doesn’t encourage perseverance enough. Quitting is always considered as an option too. Truth is, quitting is not an option if you want to live a great life. Achieving your goal is always the hardest at the very end. So don't give up too soon!


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