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Be Your Own Hero - Dissident Gym Wear

April 30, 2017

Be your own hero dissident gym wearAt some point of our lives most of us had someone we´ve looked up to, be that our parent, school teacher or a celebrity. This person was our hero, someone we though had everything we could only hope for. He or she inspired us to grow up and become just like them when we are older. As we mature, we start to realize that someone else´s life cannot be replicated with the same level of success and if we want to make something out of ourselves we need to find our own path. We need to become our own heroes. 

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Becoming your own hero means that you take full responsibility for yourself and your actions.You realize that there is no one in the world but you who can make your life exactly what you want it to be. By becoming your own hero you stop relying on other people for your happiness and finally take control over your life. You stop looking for idols and figure out who you are supposed to be instead of  who everyone tells you you should be. You learn that world owes you nothing and if you want to achieve your goals you absolutely have to work for them. 

By becoming your own hero you start to understand the following facts:

1. You are responsible for your life and your choices

In the end, you are the one who has to make decisions about your life, not your idols. Idolizing someone for years may help you learn what you want for yourself, however, your idols will not ensure you are making good decisions for yourself. They will not help you achieve your goals and make all the right choices in life. 

2. Others can´t succeed for you

You may be absolutely fascinated with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his success in life. You may walk around copying everything about him but no matter how hard you try, his success will never be yours. No role model can ever make you successful. While you are obsessing over his life and his achievements you are only missing out on yours. 

3. Your goals and wants are unique

Yes, yes, we all want similar things. How you want them, however, is uniquely yours. The steps that you have to take to achieve those goals are uniquely yours too. Following other people´s paths will most likely lead you to failure, because your definition of success will be different from those who you follow. 

4. It boosts your confidence and makes you a better person

When you become a hero of your own story you naturally become more confident and proud to be who you are. You feel in control of your life. Most people are fascinated with overachievers and go-getters; when you become one you know you feel proud for becoming the best version of yourself. 

5. You only want to impress yourself and do not compete with others

Your life isn´t like anybody else´s. When you understand this basic fact, you stop trying to impress other people and compare your life to your idols´. When you only compete with yourself, you set your own pace and every small achievement becomes a big victory. 


Be Dissident, be YOU!
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