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Motivation Monday: Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

August 05, 2017

Motivation Monday: Be Stronger Than Your Excuses



The easiest way to fail in life is to give and accept excuses. No matter how tenable and genuine your excuse is, it is still an excuse — and it will never make up for the real deal.

Here are a few tips to win over your excuses:

 1.    Have a clear and realistic goal

If you have goals that mean a lot to you, you will never settle for an excuse. You must set a target for yourself that will keep you on your toes and keep your destiny in your hands. You need to constantly see the result for which you are willing to pay the price — this is one of the best forms of motivation. Let there be a target that you have set and that will bring out the best in you.

 2.    Let the goal produce a plan

Every realistic goal has the capacity to produce a well laid out plan. This plan is the blueprint for successful goal achievement. It is very easy to cook up a dream, it costs nothing. Produce a step by step strategy to get what you want. If you have a sound plan, the possibilities of excuses will reduce drastically. People who do not value the process of planning end up producing only one thing — excuses.


 3.    Be accountable to those around you

If you really want to do something important, there must be people in your life that hold you accountable to what you have decided to do — and these people must be people you cannot afford to disappoint.

 4.    Do not accept excuses from yourself

You will never know how some excuses sound until they are coming from you. Make up your mind to produce success and never accept less than the best.

 5.    Do not accept it from people either

If you allow people, they will give you any excuse they feel like giving. Make sure you hold people accountable to what they are supposed to do and what they have promised to do. Excuses, if tolerated, will grow into a lifestyle — do not allow that. If you accept it from others, they will also accept it from you. Develop a reputation of someone who believes in getting the job done and you will see how life will reward you with success. People will trust you to deliver every time.

 6.    Stop talking, start doing

If you talk too much, you will definitely give excuses. Those who talk too much actually forget to do what they have been talking so much about.
The best way to be stronger than your excuses is to know that excuses are fertilizers to failure. Even if they look good enough, they can never take the place of results. Excuses are the easy routes to failures, and those who are not ready to give life what it takes to reap success. If you want to be celebrated, stop procrastinating — and get the results.


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