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Live Your Life on Your Own Terms

May 19, 2017

Live Your Life on Your Own Terms

Living life on your own terms means taking responsibility for your own actions and making your own decisions for yourself. Most of the time carving your own path means that you will have to break the rules, swim upstream and stop caring so much about what other people think about you or your actions. Making your own rules can be tough. At the end, it is always easier to be a follower than a leader. But have you ever heard of a follower that has made history? Neither have we.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. To take control over your life you have to consistently take small steps towards becoming your most authentic self. It will not be easy but we promise it will be worth the effort.

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Think for yourself

Critical thinking is grossly underrated. Thinking and making decisions for yourself is one of the most important things you can do to become successful in any area of your life. So many of us give the responsibility of making decisions to our friends, parents, significant others. Sometimes even to complete strangers! If you want to make your own rules, you absolutely have to question everything and only accept those answers that are meaningful to you.

Be in charge of your happiness

Learn what makes you happy. Not one person in the world except for yourself is responsible for your happiness. This doesn’t mean that people or circumstances around you will always be perfect. Being in charge of your own happiness means understanding that neither your loved ones nor the daily irritations in your life can control your mood unless you allow them to.

Take action

If you have an idea of what you want to do then act on it. Do not wait for the right moment, until you get enough experience or Mercury comes out of retrograde. There is only one perfect moment, and it is now. So stop discussing ideas, go and make them happen!

Believe in yourself

Fear and self-doubt are the single biggest obstacles to personal genius. You may be the most talented person on planet Earth but if you have no belief in yourself you end up going nowhere. Do what you have to do, even if it involves repeating to yourself everyday that you got this, but do not let your self-limiting beliefs get in they way of your greatness.

Learn from others but stay true to yourself

Throughout your personal journey you will meet or read about plenty of people who will inspire you. At some point you may feel that simply repeating what they’ve done will make you just as successful. History shows, however, that copycats are rarely ever remembered. Allow yourself be inspired by others, but carve your own and unique voice that people will recognize.  

Only you know you

As much as friends and family might think they know what is best for you, it is simply not true. People around you have different life experiences and different understanding of your circumstances. The only person who knows what the best route is and what your goals and dreams are is you yourself. Listen to your instincts and know it will take you to good places.

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