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EXECUTE! Tricks On How To Get Stuff Done

March 27, 2017

EXECUTE! Tricks On How To Get Stuff Done

Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill.” Christopher Parker

Too many of us are familiar with procrastination. Perhaps, we are overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we need to accomplish or we are simply lacking a productive system in place that can help us achieve more of our goals each day. A lot of people are afraid to even start a new project because of how much time they believe it will take away from them. Most of us fear long term commitment that any worthy task may require so instead of crushing our goals we end up wondering how much time it would take us to get anywhere.

This week we want to challenge you to start executing and acting instead of wasting your time on worry about not getting anything done.

Identify your most important tasks

Either the night before or at the start of the day highlight three most important things you have to do in the coming day. Once you wake up, do them first. You know you need to hit the gym that day? Then wake up and go for a workout. Don’t wait until you are tired after work and just want to go home and crawl in bed. If you get nothing else accomplished aside from your most important tasks, you will still have a productive day.

Help yourself to take an action

If you know you are pretty useless first thing in the morning but that is the only time you have to work on your goals, then make your life easier by preparing anything you may need the night before. For example, if you are working out in the morning, prep your protein shakes and lay out gym clothes before going to bed.

Do what you hate first

We all have that one task that we need to do day after day and we absolutely hate it. Whether it is cooking or writing a difficult report, make sure you get it out of your way first. We promise, your day can only go better after that.

Plan the next step

Although you need to have your end result in mind when starting a new project, it is more important that you focus your energies on what your next action should be. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a ton of tasks. Plan your day to achieve at least one of them each day and you will tackle any big project with ease.

Assign time for your projects

Schedule specific time to work on your project without any interruptions. Focus entirely on that one thing during that time. Don’t worry about finishing it, just worry about giving amount of undivided attention to the project.

Do it now

A bunch of small tasks that can clutter your life, like unread emails or dirty dishes should not even be occupying place in your head. Do them right now and move on to the more important projects.

Write it down

Don’t rely on your memory as your system. Write down the things you need to do, your schedule, anything you might need to refer to, and every passing thought so you can relax, knowing you won’t forget. Use your brain for thinking, use paper or your gadgets for keeping track of stuff.

Do not multitask

As much as you may believe you are great at multitasking, you are not. In fact, no one is. What we do when we multitask is devote small slices of time to several tasks in rapid succession.  Since it takes more than a few minutes to really get into a task, we end up working more slowly than if we devoted longer blocks of time to each task and moved on to the next one once we were done.

Learn to say NO

Say no to anything that does not move you closer to your current goals. Adding more projects and obligations will guarantee to leave you even more tired and demotivated. Don’t feel bad for saying no; feel bad for saying yes and then not being able to deliver.

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