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Erase Your Self-Limiting Beliefs and DOMINATE THE IMPOSSIBLE!

March 19, 2017

"Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done." Robert A. Heinlein

In theory it is impossible for human beings to transport themselves from one part of the world to another by air. Yet, successful flight in history of a self-propelled, heavier-than-air aircraft happened back in 1903 and forever changed the way we travel.

Or consider the case of Roger Bannister, an English athlete who was the first person to run the mile in under 4 minutes. Prior to him achieving this result, conventional belief was that humans were not capable of running that fast.

Your personal "impossible" may not be as grandiose as building a new type of transportation or becoming the fastest runner of your time; it may be something as simple as waking up an hour earlier to eat a healthy breakfast rather than grabbing a piece of pastry at Starbucks. What you define as impossible comes from what you believe you are capable of doing. Whenever you say "I can't" you feed your self-limiting beliefs and only make them grow stronger.

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How To Break Free From Self-Limiting Thought

To break from this cycle, let's first define what self-limiting beliefs are. A self-limiting belief is a false belief that a person acquires as a result of making a conclusion about something in life. For example you could acquire a limiting belief about your ability to succeed the first time you try and fail. Let's say you are competing for the very first time and you don't get to take that prize home. You may then start seeing yourself as failure and staying away from ever getting back on stage, all because your first show didn't bring you the results you expected. Your self-limiting belief now tells you that you are not good enough and you possibly can't put yourself through the misery of landing second to last again. Good news, you can learn how to control and change your belief system.

To identify your own self-limiting beliefs, take a look at these most common ways we sabotage our own success. Any of these excuses look familiar?

I don't have time

With a full time job, some side hustle, obligations, kids and college degree to finish it can be very hard to find time to work on all those things you really want for yourself. Truth is everyone has the exact number of hours in a day. Take a look at your schedule; how much time are you wasting scrolling through your Facebook feed or mindlessly watching season after season on Netflix? We challenge you to track that for a week, you will be amazed!

I don’t have the resources

Blaming lack of money, credentials or skills is yet another excuse we give ourselves to remain stuck in our current situation. Change begins from the within. You may have a perfect financial or educational opportunity come your way but if you are not ready to use it, it will be no good for you. Lasting change starts with clear vision and internal determination. That’s the message of each and every motivational workout shirt we make. Use those forces to attract any outside support you may need.

I am too old

Did you know that first time entrepreneurs in their 40s and 50s are one of the largest growing business segments? For some reason most people define their life success by achieving certain goals by certain age. Have you ever heard of Ernestine Shepherd, the Guinness World Records' oldest female bodybuilder? She began her journey at the age of 56 and had her first bodybuilding competition at 71. Now, are you really that old to start anything?

I will fail

To begin with, we believe it is safe to assume you are not a fortune teller. You may or may not fail, or even if you do fail that may be the best thing that ever happens to you. Most of the time taking the risk and going for something challenging helps you build your self-confidence and decision making skills. Don’t be afraid of failure! Be afraid of staying the same and never trying anything outside your comfort zone.

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