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What's Your Drive?

January 15, 2018

As you get into the rhythm of your execution on the things that move you toward your goals this week, stay in tune with the force that keeps you on track, or your DRIVE.

Zero in on what’s pulling you forward. Define it. What does it look like, what does it feel like?  Being one with the force that is driving you is what allows you to push forward through the down times when motivation and willpower are not enough. Get to know the reasons that move you forward past discomfort, fear, and doubt. Be crystal clear about your why and don’t lose sight of it, ever! Feel it in your veins and let it be your everlasting fuel. Let your Vision and reasonspull you instead of beingpushed by less powerful and motivating reasons, like other people’s plan for your life or things that you’re not truly passionate about but society tells you you should do.

When you’re working on something that is your passion, and have embraced and fully internalized the reasons for why you do what you do to move forward, you are truly unstoppable! So what is your Drive?


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