Plan. Execute. January 8, 2018 08:59

Last week we talked about taking time to set your dreams, vision, and goals for 2018, as well as the elements that define proper goal setting.  This week, become your own project manager.  Start with writing down the specific plan and process it will take to properly execute the actions required to achieve your goals. Start with the end result and move backwards from it, charting the steps to get there in chronological order. Create your essential to do list, and break your day down into bite size blocks of time for specific tasks that chip away at the goal and makes consistent progress. 

Always remember, success is about consistency and the process, even if it's not perfect at the outset! What’s important is making progress each and every day, no matter how small.  As you begin to build momentum and see actual results, you will pick up speed and continue to perfect your process, refining the system as you go.  What matters most is just getting started, so focus today and the rest of this week on taking action and beginning to execute!