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November 30, 2020


It is not an actual word, but it has a definition. You will not find it in any dictionary, but it has meaning. Much like this brand has a message, and a purpose, so does this word. We have built a brand that does not conform to the norms of society, it goes against the grain of the status quo, and it boldly defies what this world has expected it to become. Like this word, we established a strength in being exactly who the f*ck we are. We take a stand daily, defending what we believe in, and maintaining that belief despite scrutiny and doubt. We have a foundation that is not just set in stone, but rooted deep within us, so deep, it would require digging to the very core of hell to uproot it. It is because of this word that we have succeeded in being that which we are; 
Now, don’t think for one second that this word is just another catchy, trendy, word of the week. This word may not be to your liking, or for your flavor palate. It could be “too loud”, or maybe a little too “punchy”, it could be a little “too much.” Well, would you expect anything less from us? This word holds much more value, meaning, and longevity than your typical “flavor of the week.” It will stand the test of time, just as we will stand to test these times. We will continue to push, encourage, lead, and create. We will inspire others to use this word, apply it’s meaning, and represent its purpose here. This word has the capability to be era defining, culture shocking, attitude shifting, all while remaining as it is stated and defined; “UNF*CKWITHABLE!” 
We strive to encourage others to see new perspectives, and to empower others to create their own perception of what life is and is not. To seek value and purpose in life. To not just live life, but experience it. With this comes the reactive state of our society, the buff from the normal seekers and sayers, the fall in liners, and traditionalists. Those that oppose change, and who fear the unknown and the challenges to this illusion driven homeostasis they call reality. See the fact is, there is going to be a chance for the world to influence you, to waiver you, to bend you, even break you. To thwart your vowed efforts of being exactly who the f*ck you are, and living your own life. There is going to be a wrath seeking force to knock you back in line and keep you there. To peg you as different, and slip that misbent, artificial intelligence into your brain, and control you. This world will do everything in its power to create a singular existence it feels you require. It will try and sucker you with its promises of security, safety, comfort zones, and protection. Fill you with false senses of gratitude for a life you never f*ckin chose, nor asked for. A life not your own, but of hundreds of hundreds of thousands of others. All the exact same! Plain and simple, the world is going to f*ck with you. The only way you can take a stand against it, is to be UNF*CKWITHABLE! 
Our world today is a convection of deception, constantly the bullshit is on the rise, and the truth, subsurface and disregarded. We must hold true and steady the course through the lies and contradictions. We have to hold the line between our own lives, and the world that tries to breach in. There is an influence we face, a confrontation we battle, and a “self” we must valiantly defend! We are brought into a world we have no control over. We are not responsible for this world that we are born into. The only thing we do have control over, is the life we create, as we grow. We have control over our direction, and our beliefs, despite what tradition tells us. We have control over how we respond to the outside world, and how we will or will not react to it. We control the line that we place in the sand, and at times, tides will come, and try to wash it away. Heavy winds will come to cover the line and blur your vision. We must not let this line falter and the outside world cross in and begin to wreak havoc on everything we have fought so hard to maintain. It will challenge us, it will test us, it will try and befriend us, convince us, it will put every effort into persuading us. We must make this world aware what will happen if it tries. What we are willing to do, what we will do. This world needs to be reminded of who the f*ck we are! That we will remain, we will stay, firmly planted, roots deep, and we will look all of this straight in the face and say, “you can’t f*ck with this!” 
“It is not that we as a people are undereducated. It is the fact we are taught just enough to be educated, and never question what we are being taught, and why.”

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