Raise Your Standards January 22, 2018 09:06

This week, ask yourself if you're truly pushing yourself to your highest potential. Sometimes it’s too easy to push our goals off another day, week or month due to life circumstances or laziness, and then a year or years fly by and we've not made any progress. We make excuses or rationalize reasons we're not making progress on our goals.  If this sounds like your challenge, it may be time to raise your standards! 

Make a shift in your thinking where what you ‘should’ do becomes what you ‘must’ do. At that point there is no choice, you find a way to get it done no matter the circumstances because you will not accept anything less from yourself.

Ask yourself, honestly, who you are. Define on paper who that person is. Answering this question will unravel your true beliefs about yourself. This is your identity. The thing is, most people at some point in life accept who they are and say ‘this is just the way it is, this is who I am’ and accept something far less than their full potential for their life. Don’t let this be you! Write down who you want to be, the type of person you aspire to be. Build that person, with dedication and an unwillingness to compromise.

That’s how you raise your standards and elevate your life, so do it! The pain of regret is always far worse than the pain of discipline.