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March 30, 2020


There is no denying the fact that this world we live in, is changing. What we know, and what many believe in, is in danger. It is inevitable that there will be shifts and there will be movements. We are all treading unknown waters, and there are many out there that think this is out of our control. That we are indeed separating, that our social interactions and our ability to live our lives is breaking down, that it is cracking, and it is on the brink of failure. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We are here to say yes, there is a shift, and yes there is indeed a movement; but there is also a change, a brewing adaptation. There is still a faith in what we can control. There is a glimmer of understanding, that this situation will be further dictated by how we respond to it, not how we react to it. In this understanding and adaptation, we have our message to all of you, to this whole world. It is an important message that we need now more than ever. Just as we need each other now more than ever. Our message is… We must “STAY CONNECTED.”

Social Distancing does not mean Social Isolation

We as humans, a culture, a society thrive on interactions. We are people that connect and communicate. We are in a time where we are now limited with our interactions with each other. We are restricted from our normal means of togetherness. With that said, this is for good reason, as the health and safety of all of us is paramount. However, this does not mean our system, our ability to connect, nor our interactions needs to stop. What it means is we need to adapt. We need to institute temporary changes to be able to adhere to what is required, and what we also need as individuals and a worldwide community. We live in a time of modernization and technology. We also have been through many decades where we have proven many times over, that we can indeed adapt, survive and overcome. We as a world have something that has been previously shunned at times, that we will rely on more than ever now; and we have the ability to even change how that is perceived. We have technology, we have a means to stay connected. We can still leverage our platforms to support each other in a time where support is thought to be difficult. We need to utilize every resource we have to maintain our social interactions and break this misconception of how things will become. We cannot and must not let this notion of isolation take over. We can still support each other and be there for each other. We can still come together and prove and show that we do care, that we are still right here. There is so much we can still do to be there, here, for each other. We can still hold true our bonds and bindings to each other. We can still express love, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, and respect. We can keep our happiness alive, we can still smile, laugh, gesture, and compliment. We can still influence a positivity, an energy, a purity to this world of ours that is currently so plagued. We have seen in the fitness community lately an uprising of support and engagement. People engaging with each other, motivating each other, interacting with each other. Doing what they can to keep each other active and moving. It is a beautiful step in the direction we need to be going. This can transcend into other aspects of life and existence. We can still maintain our communal bonds across the world. We can still be connected.


The reality of this is, if we do not adapt to our current situation, and respond to it with our best intentions. There will be a fate to this world that will be unlike anything you have seen or felt. If we cannot maintain our interactions and our connections, our structure of socializing will fall. Let me ask you this, when this is all said and done, and we return to life as we know it. Where will that leave us when we exit the isolating fear. Will we return to how we were, or will there be this cloudy and murky stigmata hanging over how we used to interact? Will we still embrace like we used to? Will we hug, kiss, show affection the same way again? Will you be willing to shake a strangers hand or even touch another individual?

We cannot let our sensations and our ability to reach others fail now. We must keep our interactions alive and well, we must reach out to those who need us. We have to leverage every aspect of our current technology to keep us engaging. Furthermore, we need to keep in mind that we can still express to each other. We can do something so simple that can leave such an impression on others, a basic engagement to another, something that can be regarded as one of the most important and most purest things we need to see right now… and that is a smile. With this in closing, do your very best to reach out, to stay connected, to engage and support each other. Show and express your willingness to interact, and the next time you see someone, a stranger, a friend, a loved one; give them a smile. “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”

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