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Self Motivated

March 05, 2018

Self Motivated



Most of us will say we have some level of self-motivation. But challenges can derail or discourage us. To stay motivated, we knew we needed some outside help. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be quick. And it'll be worth it. The satisfaction that comes from accomplishing just one of our goals can be enough to keep us taking baby steps toward everything else on our list. Here are 8 steps to help keep you self motivated!!


  1. Write down why you want it

This obvious and simple strategy works. write down specifically what you want and why. Naming concrete things you want to do; it will make it easier to track your progress and stay motivated.

  1. Start small! Too big can lead to procrastination.

A goal or project that is too big or overwhelming can lead you into procrastination. For some, the vision is so big, they won’t know where to start.  Instead, break it down into small steps and then choose just one to start moving forward.

  1. Face your excuses and deny them

Excuses are your greatest enemy. The trick is to face your excuses (are you really too tired to work out, or do you just want to watch to binge watch your favorite streaming show?), and go from there. Acknowledge the excuse and when it comes up, face it, deny it and correct your choice.

  1. Don't let fear stop you

We live in such an instant gratification world, chances are you feel you have to be good at everything before you start it. You will fail… Instead, make it a goal to get rejected at least once a day.

By taking power of rejection away, you can beat it. This technique can apply to anything that intimidates you. Expect failure, and eventually the disappointment associated with each failure will be less and less.

  1. Get it in calendar

If you're aiming for a life change, schedule it and don’t plan anything over your goals. By the time 5 p.m. rolls around, we're usually too tired to work out, and morning workouts... are good for morning people. If you dedicate time to get it done, you are more likely to follow through. Even if you can fit in five or 10 minutes of "goal time" here and there throughout the day, it will add up and make a difference.

  1. Snap selfie shots at the gym

There's nothing like the feeling of validation, so if Instagram posts or Snapchatting selfies of yourself at the gym keeps you accountable, then that minute to appreciate your accomplishments will continue to motivate you to keep moving forward. Allow others in your social network to encourage and support you. Join a group such as Team DSDNT and share in one another’s success and accomplishments.

  1. Phone a friend

Nothing is more effective than working with a friend to keep moving forward together. Even if you simply check-in online, via messenger or phone, when you buddy up to get yourself to the gym or a workout class, means you have someone to empathize with the challenges, walk the journey together and celebrate your wins together.

  1. Schedule weekly check-ins




Tracking you results results can remove one of the most frustrating parts of working out… when it feels like nothing you're doing makes a difference; that’s when it's easy to want to give up. When you can’t buddy up or use an app, arrange to schedule weekly check-ins with a coach, mentor or like-minded members of a group that shares your common goals. Team DSDNT offers members share many different common goals...those who are seeking to lose weight, some wish to bulk up, some are serious competitors… you name it, someone on the Team is doing it.

Scheduling weekly check-ins with yourself and a coach, offers time to evaluate what's helping and what you're never excited about. Acknowledging this is crucial to sticking with your goals.

  1. CELEBRATE! Reward yourself and celebrate your successes  

Celebrate your successes… all of them… big and small. Celebrating the hard work and consistency usually recharges your motivation and positivity so when you face challenges, you are more likely to push through the challenge and seek that reward. Sharing the celebration with your social network, community, friends and coaches acknowledges your dedication.  So don’t hesitate to celebrate to keep your motivation up.

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