The Importance of Stretching March 01, 2018 05:30

Though stretching is primarily used to warm up the body and prepare it for more rigorous movements, it has some very valuable effects on the body and should form a vital part of your workout routine.

Here are some of the mind-blowing benefits of stretching:

  1. Energy boosts: When you have to attend boring meetings at work or when you are having trouble staying awake while at work, just get out of your seta and do a few stretches, your muscles and entire system will come alive with energy. Your body and your mind will regain their alertness and your blood will flow better.
  2. Stress relief: Stress stiffens your muscles and brings down your body and your mind, a good stress helps you to free your muscles and nerves and eliminate the stress buildup in the process.
  3. Improved flexibility: Regular stretching helps you to improve the functionality and range of motion of your joints; this confers flexibility on the body. Your body uses less energy to perform movements and your ability to react physically to situations get improved.  
  4. Posture improvement: Stretching helps you to maintain and correct postures as it keep the spine aligned well with other part of the body. The pulling and the extensions also help your muscles to loosen up and improve chances of correcting bad posture.
  5. Improved endurance: One of the best ways to delay fatigue during work out is to take time out to stretch after every routine. You will loosen up the muscles and get rid of stress in the muscles thereby improving your ability to continue with your workout.
  6. Injury insurance: When you stress regularly, the stress on muscles reduce thereby reducing soreness and improving recovery after muscular strain and use.
  7. Blood flow boost: One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your blood flowing is to stretch. Improved circulation improves organ functions and cellular growth.

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