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January 02, 2018


Happy New Year! 2018 is officially here. What are you going to do this year? What is your life going to look like?

People that accomplish great things and achieve big goals have really strong reasons that drive them through the adversity and the obstacles they face. What is your why? What is your reason for doing the things your going to do this year?

Your reason is your vision. We don’t want to be just a dreamers. When dreams turn into your why, they become a vision. Your vision is the gas in the engine that causes things to happen.

A goal is a vision that goes to work. You have to have big dreams that lead to a vision that leads to goals.

Goals that work have five components:

  1. They have to be Specific.
  2. They have to be Measurable.
  3. They need a Deadline.
  4. They need to be your goals, not what someone else wants you to do.
  5. They have to be in writing. Write your vision. When you write it down, something happens in your brain that gets the ball rolling.

What has to be true for you to accomplish the goals? What do you need to eliminate from your life, and what do you need to add?

Put it on a graph or write a map and set goals in the areas of your life you need improve.

Take Control.

This is your year, it’s time to make your vision happen!

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