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NEW in Men´s Gym Wear: Men's DISSIDENT Shorts - Black/Grey

May 15, 2017

  Introducing Dissident´s newest addition to Men´s Collection: Dissident Black & Grey Shorts.  Just like all of our gym wear, these shorts are field tested to give you the most comfort possible. Moving with your body, our newest grey and black shorts are perfect for hot summer workouts. 
Made from extremely breathable fabric, these shorts feature a Dissident logo on both sides and embroidered DSDNT logo on the waist. They come in perfect knee length to gee you the best range of motion. 

Whether you are lifting at the gym, or dominating a hike, our men’s gym shorts adjust with the movements of your body — giving you the mobility you need to withstand your toughest workouts. Order yours today!



Pain is temporary. Regret lasts forever. Never Quit. Never Give Up!
Embrace your attitude — be Dissident.



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