Know Your Why July 30, 2018 05:00

This week's theme was chosen and written by one of our Team Leaders and Jeremy Bermel. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @omaha_muscle as he dives deeper into this week's theme "Know Your Why"

WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you. Whether home, work, or life in general this defines where and what you do in life. Focusing on WHY creates paths in front of you in order to decide the direction you want to go. Not the direction someone else wants you to go. This is important, on vacation or in a new place when we are lost we ask someone for direction. Usually the person tells you their best way to get to your destination. However, in life and in any goal you decide to reach their direction may not be the best. Time and time again we see many start their fitness journey around the first of the year. Then within a month the fire is gone. They lost their WHY or the WHY was someone else’s direction for them. Many times they see others and say’ “I could never look like them”. They lose their drive and the fire is extinguished. Their WHY is lost completely.

It is important to lay out your “WHY” when you commit to something in your journey. This is where it prevents you from getting lost. Either the loss in direction, drive, focus, or motivation. We see many start especially in the fitness industry and within months lose their WHY and quit all together. This theme is so valuable to me personally. After constant 100% dedication to my journey, I started to lose the understanding of WHY I am doing this. I believe many have a strong drive and determination, but sometimes it leads to more paths than one can really take. We lose where the original path and focus was. Call them obstacles, opportunities, or paths be careful stepping onto another path that may get you lost from your original WHY. What I mean is your WHY is usually the best and most beneficial path to your original goal, rather than every fork in the road. New opportunities may come along, but if you really haven’t completed your original goal, how can you give 100% to something else knowing your WHY to your original goal is completely different. I’m not saying other WHY’s can’t keep a spark in you, but your WHY is what blazed that initial fire, it truly is the most important.

“Once you know your Why, you can survive almost any How”
Don’t overwhelm yourself and lead to either quitting something, leaving your goal half completed, or becoming completely lost. Understanding your WHY through the entire journey will lead you to success 99% more than trying to do too much and run down every path you see. A great quote I like is “Once you know your Why, you can survive almost any How”. Your WHY is what taps into your power of purpose. It unleashes reserves of energy, determination and courage you likely didn’t know you had. It makes your goals clear. Many of us remember that fire, drive we had when we decided to get into fitness. Whether to compete, get healthy, lose fat etc... Nothing stopped us from doing just that. Our WHY was clear and our focus was unbreakable. That’s still within us. The fire never left, we sometimes just lose our WHY.

Jeremy “OmahaMuscle’ Bermel