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Dissident Spotlight: Perla Gonzalez

June 05, 2017

What made you first get into fitness? I grew up involved in sports throughout middle and high school so I have always been intrigued to the idea of fitness and physical activity. It wasn’t until after I had my second child, almost hit 200lbs, felt depressed and hated the way I looked and most of all the way I felt, that I couldn’t take it anymore. I was involved in a tragic car accident in 2010 right before I had my 1st born which left me with multiple injuries and initiated my spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle. One day I decided that if I wanted to be healthy and set a good example for my kids my priorities needed to change.  

What motivates you to show up every day? Fear, dedication, and self-healing. Motivation will only push you so far. The reason I say this is because I am not motivated to go train every day, I am not pumped and excited all the time. There are days when I must dig deep and push myself through my workout. I am fearful of falling back into old habits and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Throughout the time that I have been training I have come across people who think differently than I do. Some question as to why I do what I do, others believe it’s pointless. I like to think of it this way; I want to run with my grandchildren, not sit and watch them play. People telling me that what I am doing has no point behind it; this is another reason why I’m doing this. It relieves stress, releases endorphins, and helps me get through my everyday routine. This truly is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

What are your health and fitness goals for the future? I am currently training for my first competition late this year. I am currently weighing 133lbs but I am hoping I reach low 120’s by then. I am shooting to compete in November of this year.  Once I compete I plan on continuing competing. To be honest I’d love to work for an organization that not only empowers the community into fitness but strives off it.  

What is your favorite exercise? Eating! LOL, totally kidding. This is a bit hard. I’d have to say deadlifts. Engaging your full body is the ultimate rush. Doctors used to tell me I would never be able to do any heavy lifting or any strenuous method of exercise. They recommended being active but nothing “too hard.” I can now clean deadlift 145lbs and 1RM of 205lbs. This comes to prove that the only boundaries that you have are only there because you create them. There is a sense of accomplishment and happiness I get after lifting heavy.

What made you choose Dissident Gym Wear and why do you feel like you relate to the DISSIDENT Brand message? Funny thing, Dissident found me. I’ll be completely honest, when Gio first commented on my pictures and messaged me, I was hesitant in responding. I was like nah, this company is just looking for people to get to buy their stuff and get the name out there. Well, I was WRONG! Yes, although there are many other brands out there, none compare to Dissident. There is truly a sense of family and encouragement that goes on behind the scenes of social media. My team is in part a major reason why I have made it to where I am at now. I relate 100% because as I always say, “Stay hungry, stay humble!” No matter how far you get or what setbacks you have, you are only better than you were yesterday; not better than anyone else. Most importantly, what caught my attention and made me say (yes) was the fact that Dissident gives back. A percentage of each purchase is donated to a greater cause (The Challenged Athletes Foundation); proving that fitness is for everybody and there are truly no excuses. I am sincerely honored to be a part of this team.      

What is your favorite Dissident piece? My favorite piece would have to be the contour leggings; both in black and white. These leggings are seriously life. Being on the thicker side on my bottom and legs I often find it difficult to find leggings that will provide full coverage. These leggings are perfect. Non-see through, breathable, and they shape me ever so nicely. These are perfect for leg day, any day.

What is your proudest fitness achievement? Like I previously mentioned, I have a thicker lower body and small upper torso therefore I was NEVER able to do any sort of pull up. I recently accomplished doing under grip pull ups, I’d say about 3 weeks ago.  I was still weighing 140lbs and I was only able to do 3 at a time. I can now do 5. It is so exciting! I am chasing after the over grip (traditional pull-up) next.

What is your advice to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness? To keep it simple, I’ll have you guys ask yourself this question, “How bad do you want it?” Right off the bat I can assure you that X amount of reasons come out in your head with but’s as to why you are limited. Thing is, there are truly no excuses. You are your only limitation! Once you learn to overpower your mind, you will be able to do anything. Mindset is everything. If you truly want to accomplish something set your mind to it, and love yourself enough to restrict your temptations and learn to discipline yourself. It won’t be easy, but you will thank yourself later. 


What’s your favorite Quote?

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery-Bob Marley. This applies to everything in life. If you follow the norm or follow others you will never achieve your true happiness. You are different; unlike the rest of the world. What works for you may not work for someone else. What beliefs you have others may oppose. Don’t be fooled or led on by the superficial world we live in. Love openly, and always stay true to yourself.

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