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Are You Dressing for Success?

June 15, 2017

Are You Dressing for Success?

 By Jeremy Bermel, Dissident Gym Wear Ambassador

The time has come. The time where a person decides to make a change in their attitude, health and life. Making a change in eating and getting into better shape is a positive choice many do daily. Getting that gym membership is a big step — but an even bigger step is dedicating time and consistency on using the membership. One of the many ways to stay motivated on a fitness journey is by dressing for success.

Dressing for success is no different than dressing for a good solid workout. The psyche is the same.

Michael W. Kraus, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management, co-wrote a study for the Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2014. The study showed indications that wearing nicer clothes may raise one’s confidence level, affect how others perceive the wearer — and in some cases, even boost the level of one’s abstract thinking (Kraus 2014). Confidence is key — this will help keep you in the game, if you will.

As a regular at a local fitness center, I can tell who is new at the facility, and even new to the fitness world. Many come in with wrinkled, older clothes, matted hair and shoes with holes in them — and you can see the intimidation in their faces. They look uncomfortable — and appear to lack confidence. However, there are some who break this and start to succeed in their journey. They come in wearing new fitness clothing with their head held high — and you can tell they want to be there. Sometimes a new T-shirt, shorts and/or shoes give people the confidence they need to feel good about themselves.

Dressing for success in the gym not only is a confidence builder, but it also benefits one's health. An 2014 article in Women’s Health states that baggy sweatpants and cotton T-shirts can also wreak havoc on your body. The right workout clothes, on the other hand, wick away sweat — and allow for a wide range of motion — all while protecting sensitive skin.

Time is usually an excuse we all have. Some may have priorities after work, before being able to go to the gym. One good way to break this pattern is to plan what you’re going to wear to the gym the same time you pick out your attire for the day. For example, if you wear your running clothes to the grocery store with the intention of taking a run afterward, you’re more likely to follow through. Otherwise, you will likely come up with an excuse to avoid changing into those clothes and breaking a sweat.

Take the old saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” and think of it as, “Dress for the results you want, not for what you currently see.” Remember, the attitude you walk into the gym with is usually what your workout results will be. Not everyone needs to go buy brand new workout attire before starting their fitness journey. However, washing your clothes and ironing them is a small step to feeling your best. Wearing good-quality shoes, is another idea. Remember, this is a huge step and change in one’s life. Taking it seriously from the start will help in achieving your goals.

Those who are regulars in the fitness world can also help. We form bonds with some at the local gyms. Offering someone a good conditioned piece of clothing, or shoes that aren't worn out can give someone that extra push to keep going and feel good about themselves. We should want to see people succeed in this journey. As we feel better about ourselves, we can be better people to others.

Fitness is a job in itself. A person’s success could possibly come down to something as little as feeling good about how they look in the gym. Walking into the gym like you own the place isn't being “cocky.” However, the confidence needed to crush any goal, and how you look while doing it can give you the extra boost you need to redefine their limits and come out on top.



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