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Dissident Gym Wear Holiday Gift Guide for Her and Him

December 07, 2017

Dissident Gym Wear Holiday Gift Guide for Her and Him

Happy holidays from all of us at Dissident! As the holiday shopping season hits its stride, we're happy to help you with gift ideas for the women and men in your life.

In the spirit of giving, here is our official Dissident Gift Guide for 2017.

Ideas For Her


Our leggings makes any woman feel comfortable and confident. Made with a premium Nylon spandex blend, our famous non see-thru compression fabric at the top hugs and supports all her important curves.

                Tuneout Hoodies                                           Motivational Tanks


Made from extremely lightweight and breathable material, our hoodies and tanks will keep her cool by absorbing sweat and allowing her skin to breathe.

Ideas For Him

Tune Out Hoodies

Blocks out distractions when he hits the gym. Designed to keep the body cool during workouts and ensure maximum movement and performance.                     

                      Tanks                                                            Motivational T-Shirts                                        

He'll love both the performance and style, with its superb drape and special sweat-wicking material. Keeps him feeling positive all year long, and can be worn at the gym, office, and anywhere in between. 

As always, Stay Dissident this holiday season!



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