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Don't Jump — DIVE

December 11, 2017

Don't Jump — DIVE

  Move through your life with purpose, conviction and courage in the face of uncertainty and obstacles. It's not always easy, and sometimes, we can find ourselves hesitant to make a change for a variety of reasons. Things like doubt, fear, and complacency can keep us on the edge of our goals and dreams, holding us back from taking the action that will improve our lives.
When we do make the change, we might get off to a slow start due to misconceptions about the process or outcome, lack of passion, or worst of all, self doubt. Sometimes these things can end our journey before it really even begins. 
This week, we encourage you to not just jump, but dive into the challenges and adversity you face with the confidence you WILL accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Because you will! With the right attitude and discipline, almost anything is possible.
Your start doesn’t have to be perfect. All of your ducks may not be in a row and all of the tools you need to succeed may not be in your hand right now. Don’t let these considerations hold you back. Dive in today and work out the kinks as you go along. You will work them out as long as you continue to be consistent and diligent at making progress. 
  So this week, BELIEVE in yourself and your ability to accomplish your goals and overcome your challenges. Go against the grain and refuse to accept any outcome you do not desire.  
The world is yours, Dive in with purpose and passion and do the work to claim it!
Be Dissident, be YOU!
Dissident is dedicated to helping more people say, "I CAN!" through our motivational workout clothes and top-of-the-line fitness apparel for both men and women. When those around you are giving in to the pressure, the DISSIDENT team stands strong. 

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