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November 13, 2017



No matter what the reason is that you are working out, you need to always aim high. Not only do you need to remember WHY you started, but you also need to make sure the standards you set for yourself are worth the stress you will be going through.

Figure Out What You Want

For us, we believe that whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. If you are going to be working out, you need to make all the sweat and the time count. Most of those who work out do  not reflect on why they are doing it and what they want to achieve with their sessions. Make sure you have a clear goal that is tangible, realistic and big.

Always Improve

Make sure today is better than yesterday. Though your aim should be very high, remember, Rome was not built in a day. It is OK to take little steps while keeping your mind on your goal.

Develop a Growth Mindset

Embrace the growth mentality. The only way to continue pursuing your goals is to increase your strength on a daily basis. Do not set targets based on the number of reps you can do right now. Do not define your workout sessions by what you can do “right now.” BELIEVE you can grow, and work hard to improve. Roll up your sleeves and gradually increase your reps.

Push Yourself

Let your goals be tough. We believe that if it doesn’t stretch you, then you have not done your best. If it doesn’t pain you, then you have not hit the mark. To aim high in a workout, or in any other aspect of life, is to accept the responsibility to pay the price. Aiming high means you will pay a high price, you will do more reps, you will spend more time, you will be a little bit sorer, and you will sweat a bit more. This is the life of a champion.

The goals you set will determine the effort you will put into your workout routines. Big goals have a way of forcing you to be committed and place you under pressure to produce tangible results.

Final Thoughts

We are passionate about the emotional and psychological benefits of working out and keeping fit. We believe that you can transfer the tenacity, focus, commitment and capacity to cope with the pressure in your life and give it a positive spin.

Over the years, we have observed that those who work out are more likely to succeed at business than those who don’t. They seem to transfer the emotional tenacity from fitness sessions to their life.

Challenge yourself– set goals, hustle and make your dreams a reality.


Be Dissident, be YOU!

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