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Work Your F*cking Ass Off

January 28, 2020

Work Your F*cking Ass Off

You have it there, in hand, and you're ready to go for it. You had the idea, the desire and curiosity. Now you have a plan, the process, the program. You have the vision and the goal. You are standing there at the beginning, the starting line. You are amped as shit and you are pumped up and ready to unleash hell on your journey. This is no longer just a desire, a want, it has become a NEED! You have point A, and point B; you know there is a long hard fought path a head from this line drawn in the sand. With fists clenched and teeth gritting, you breath increasing as fast as your pulse is rising; you know what it is going to take to get there. You know now what you must do to achieve this. You are ready, you are willing, you are seething and hungry, you can taste and smell the adrenaline in the air. What are you going to do? What is it going to take? What is it that you know you must do? You know, you are going to have to WORK YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF!

“It isn’t handed to you, it isn’t given to you. You MUST earn it. You don’t just fuckin wake up and fall out of bed and into greatness. You get the fuck up, work your fuckin ass off, fight your fuckin ass off; and you fuckin take it!”

They say that the greatest example of the purest form of hard work in nature is that of a shark. You will hear great speeches of mindset, and “shark mentality.” See the thing about sharks is, they never stop. Plain and simple, they never F’n stop! They are always moving, always hunting, always working to survive. They have a mindset of continuous forward advancement, and never going back. They are lethal creatures and the most feared in their world. They are regarded as being tenacious and unstoppable when they smell blood. They are cunning in their attack and they are relentless when they sink teeth into their prey. They are the most impressive creature with regard to a life of work, a method of survival based solely off of working every minute of every day. This is how we can ready ourselves in regard to attaining what we want and need. With our goal in sight, our plan in place and our program ready to execute. There is one more element that is absolutely vital to completing the process; without it, this all dies. That is the fuckin WORK. The hard ass work that needs to be done to take you from point A to point B. Enter this with a mindset that is fixated on the work. Be about the work. Eat, breathe, move for the work. Sharks are always awake, they never sleep, they never rest on their hunt, they are always chasing shit, biting shit, being scary as shit, and reminding the world that they are a fuckin shark. Be a Shark! Be about the F’n WORK!

“I would rather be completely exhausted at the end of it all from all the hard ass times and all the hard ass work that brought my success. Than well rested and comfortable from achieving nothing.”

Of all the motivational speakers in the world, and in all the inspiring and influential speeches they conduct; there is a common point. This point is what lives in all of them, it is the core, the nucleus, the heartbeat of their accomplishments. It is an easy thing to say, and one of the hardest things to follow; but it is one that when said, hits you so hard that your breath stops. You feel an intensity, a current, a power flow through you.

As if they hooked a car battery to your brain and flicked that sucker on! The point of every motivator, any influencer, anything that they speak on; is about how they WORKED THEIR FUCKIN ASSES OFF to get where they are. This is not advice, it is not a suggestion, it is simply the way. It is all about putting in that work. Everything that has been done, that has been accomplished, any true success has been attributed to

the work that was put into it.

To often we see those that come out of the gate so ready, so willing, and yet so ill prepared, as they have no idea how hard this is going to be. They get a taste of that hard ass work, the requirement that they must commit to every fuckin day. Day after day after day after day! Here is where the energy fades, the will is broken, the desire is lost and they halt in their tracks. Simply leaving behind footprints, not a permanent impression of their journey. This is a hard world, and if you ever want to attain something in a hard world, you are going to have to go through hard ass shit. You WILL HAVE to work for it!

It will require all you got, all you fuckin got! You are going to have to realize that this desire you have, this want, it MUST become a NEED. You will need to connect and accept the hard fact that you have no other option than to work your ass off for it. There is still a choice in this, sure, there is always a choice. Choices exist in everything. So here is your choice… You leave that starting line, you walk away, empty, weak, unfulfilled and never knowing what you could have done. You let yourself settle and allow for a cheap end to almost beginning. OR, you get that mind right, you focus your attention on Point B, you dig deeper, you accept the demand that now is on you for the desire you expressed. You take your first step and then you DO NOT fuckin stop! You don’t ever stop. You work, and you work, and you work harder, and harder, and harder. You keep working, with all that you have, all you can muster; and you earn your need! You earn your fulfillment, your success, your achievement, your goal. You earn it all from working your fucking ass off!

“True hard work does not pay off, it is only paid into.”

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