Work For It February 5, 2018 08:38

The road to high achievement is never an easy process. Embrace the pain and the struggle as part of your worthwhile journey to an incredible goal. At the end of the day, discipline weighs an ounce but regret weighs a ton! Far better is it to struggle and do the hard work to achieve your goals and potential, or at least to try your hardest and put yourself in a position to succeed, than let fear win and live with the regret of not knowing what could have been had you tried your hardest or even tried at all.

Embrace the habits and rituals that will be necessary to put you in a place to succeed. Define them and follow them. Consistency of effort isn't always easy, but it's the key ingredient to progress and achieving your goals. This week, embrace the journey and remember nothing can substitute for hard work. Educate yourself with the knowledge to not just work hard, but to work smart. Dive into the research and knowledge it takes to be more efficient in the pursuit of your goals. Never give up, and always keep working for it!