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We Survive

March 16, 2020

We Survive

With all the mass hysteria around COVID-19. We have all had some time to sit and think about the events over the past several days. Sure there has been craziness, reactions and responses. People scared, people angry, people who don’t give a shit about it. We can’t speak for everyone, we can only speak for ourselves; and hope what we have to say about this resonates with some of you.
It's easy to succumb to the fear of the crowd when everywhere you turn there is negative news. The hard part is to keep your head when everyone else around you starts going into panic mode.
We have seen illnesses, viruses, bacteria’s, life threatening dangers, plagues, outbreaks, epidemics. We have seen wars, uprisings, down falls, senseless and ruthless mass murders. We have seen markets crash, financial loss, economic riffs, and investment plunges. Now, with all of these details, and more we didn’t even mention; WE HAVE SURVIVED. Remember that!
We as people have seen some fucked up shit, gone through fucked up shit, and lived on from some fucked up shit. Despite everything life, this world, even nature has thrown at us, WE SURVIVE.
Just getting through is an unconscious default that allows our minds to briefly settle and wait. Allowing for whatever you are facing or experiencing, to pass. either naturally or by omission. Survival is a choice, an intent, it is ownership of your willingness to carry on.
We can all look back at the years of hardship, anguish, loss and turmoil that we have experienced at some point in our lives. We can see the fear and still hear the questions and doubt.
But from this all, we SURVIVED!
We realize that this is one of the scariest things some of you may encounter in your life, and that is understandable. But bare in mind, we as a culture, a society, as a world, have seen worse than this.
And for some of us, we have seen, experienced, and survived a lot worse than this.
Remember, we are survivors and we can overcome much more than we only speculate.
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