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November 18, 2019


Motivation is a flimsy thing. It ebbs and flows, and often abandons us when we need it most. That’s why we need something better than motivation to help us achieve our biggest goals. We need something deeper, stronger and more reliable. We need to STAY HUNGRY!

The pursuit of success is a process and journey. It’s how  you pursue your goals that defines your success. Goals can change; desires can change, what you want can change. No matter what you seek, seek it with authentic passion and integrity. Always keep trying to improve and refine the system. Even when you think you are at your best, drive a little harder and see what boundaries of your own you can push. Surround yourself with the people who have what you are seeking and learn from them. Let your hunger to learn be insatiable. Build an appetite to gain knowledge and an understanding beyond most everyone else. Ask questions most are unwilling or are too lazy to ask so you can feast on the deeper awareness of most situations and processes.

The capacity to strengthen and increase your hunger is the one common denominator among the most successful people. Most people are hungry to achieve a certain milestone, and then they get comfortable and relax. If you can maintain a constant sense of hunger, you will be driven to achieve your most outlandish dreams. And with this dependable drive deep inside you, you will always be able to find the right strategies to bring those dreams to life. Hunger is the ultimate driver! If you’re hungry, you can get the strategy, you can get the answer. If you can’t model it, you will find it. 

When you’re flying high and firing on all cylinders, don’t let the foot off the gas. Keep the momentum going. Even when you face an obstacle or challenge that may slow you, don’t stop or stall… keep moving, keep advancing! Don’t settle for anything less than your full potential, and never be satisfied that you’ve reached it, the sky is the limit and there is always more room to grow and things to learn that will make you better.

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