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See Things Through

October 15, 2018

See Things Through

Collaboration between DSDNT Ambassador Taylor Thompson and Team Lead Matt Cahalane

From our greatest failures, to our greatest success, we embark on a journey. Through this process, we learn to achieve; we grow in this time, and we are directed towards our accomplishments. We self align with this new knowledge and understanding, we continue onward and we prevail. There is a very important element here, it lies within all the details of our journey. It connects everything together. This element is so strong to string and connect all the pieces together, yet it can be so fragile; that if it is removed, everything can fall apart.

“We are created to persist, that is how we find out who we are.”

The element we need to string together our process of success and achievement, is “to see things through to the end.” We must, even in the face of opposition, under the pressure of adversity, and against all odds; we must persist. This is the element that will not only lead us to our pinnacle, but also show definition, our definition, to what we are made of. We all have been in this position, where our journey is under way and a challenge presents itself. We encounter a set back, and we become timid in our continuation of this path. The fate of our path lies in this moment. This is where our grit, our tenaciousness, and our drive become so important. We cannot let that same fear that may have been present with our prior failures come into our minds, and derail us. We must hold our course, stay the line and keep our direction true. If we cannot persevere, then we cannot attain. There is a purpose in what we do, there is a meaning and reason. Without seeing these very important parts through, we don’t achieve our desired outcome. We do not accomplish what we were diligently working and striving so hard for. What we remained dedicated to, through so much already. We are again left to make a choice. We can choose to remain still, to abandon our course, to ultimately end our journey and turn back. There are no bread crumbs leading us back, in doing this, we can become lost and frustrated. There is a chance we can now become more unmotivated, and disconnected with success. This can transcend to other adventures we may have wanted to embark on, but are now hesitant. We may miss opportunities, and pass on chance. We become stagnant in our advancement. What we have done, is turned back to our comfort zone, to wallow in our illusion of safety. Or, we choose to continue on, to challenge back, to be brave and bold, to defy, and with conviction. To advance and fulfill our intent. In doing this and making that decision, we will have a much stronger appreciation for the outcome. We must keep in mind that it is not always about the destination, but of the journey. The destination is the end result, the accomplishment, the success. None of this however, can be accomplished without the journey. The journey is where the magic happens. It is where we see and discover what we are made of, who we truly are, what we can accomplish when we believe. When we see things through to the end.

“Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you may want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.”

We trust in ourselves and stand strong, we stay our minds direct on our course, and in doing this we can accomplish anything. When we as individuals can understand that when we have failed an attempt or try, we enter a process that allows us to learn. We learn from the mistakes and we then apply those lessons learned and we then take action. Through this we grow, we become more successful in gaining this new knowledge, we become wiser and more confident; in our journey and ourselves. When we see things through to the end, we are not only accomplishing the challenge presented in our path, or our goal, but we are also overcoming our own self doubt. It is another means of developing a greater sense of self confidence, determination and resiliency. See things through, take what you do, all that you do, to the point of triumph.

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