Own It July 16, 2018 03:04

Expect the best. Be prepared for the worst. F*ck what others think, do your own thing and own it! People aren’t always going to be there for you. Boss up and create your own lane. Learn to rely on yourself Waiting for others to validate what your doing will only lead to frustration and disappointment. As long as you believe in what you’re doing, keep going. Too often friends, family and foes will only be there to praise you when you’ve succeeded, before then, you are on your own and you need to be comfortable with that.

Your dreams are your dreams and you do not need anybody else to believe them or endorse them before you go after them.
You’ll hear discouraging comments along the way and discouraging advice from people who you think should be there for you, don’t allow that to rob you of your dreams or the enthusiasm with which you are going after them.

Every time someone tells you that you will not succeed, allow those comments to fuel your fire. You are the architect of your own destiny; you are the only one that will determine how far you will go in life; that power should never be in the hands of anybody else. No matter who believes in you, if you don’t believe in yourself, you are going nowhere.

Seize the controls of your life from those who will see and treat it as ordinary. Distance yourself from those who do not believe in your dreams and bear negatively on the direction you want your life to go.
Your dreams are yours; it is time to take full responsibility for them. Roll up your sleeves and get the work done.

Own your life, own the dreams of your life, own the power to control your life and live in that freedom without any apologies.
Pay little or no attention to those whose hobby is to sit and question and critic what you are doing; they may be sincere, but doubting ‘Thomases’ and reluctant believers are never the right people to take too serious.

Rather, spend time in the company of those who have what it takes to help you fulfill your dreams and reach for the greatness that is within you.
Your life is yours and you owe it to yourself to make the best of it. You are the best part of your dream and the only person’s permission you need to succeed in life is you. So give yourself the endorsement to succeed and do it lavishly.