NEW in Women's Gym Wear: White Contours

May 09, 2017

Our bestselling Contour Push-Up Leggings are now available in white! We picked the best compression fabric possible to bring you confidence and ease of mind during your toughest workouts. Our leggings are100% non-see-throughso no need to feel self conscious anymore! 
The contours leggings also feature a waist AND side pocket on the thigh that will actually fit your phone not just your keys. No more storing your phone in your bra!
White leggings may be a concern for you, but rest assured, we tested them out to make sure they provide the right amount of coverage to make you look and feel your best. Our Contour Push-Up Leggings will sit on you like a second skin and providea great shaping and lifting effect.


Pain is temporary. Regret lasts forever. Never Quit. Never Give Up!
Embrace your attitude — be Dissident.

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