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January 14, 2019

Motivation Quote Execute, motivation workout clothes  Dissident Gym Wear

Your Goals are set. You've written them down, now what? The best tools to start moving towards your goals are your own hands and feet! Meet the universe halfway by taking intelligent action, and you'll be well-positioned to seize opportunities as they arise. Opportunities tend to shun people who appear to be standing still.

Some people approach goal setting with incredible ambition but little patience, so they try to squeeze many years' worth of goals into a single year or less.

Eventually they get frustrated by the lack of rapid progress. This sometimes leads them to turn their backs on goal setting altogether for a while.

Many Imagine. Few Execute. 

This year become your own project manager.  Start with writing down the specific plan and process it will take to properly execute the actions required to achieve your goals. Start with the end result and move backwards from it, charting the steps to get there in chronological order. Create your essential to do list, and break your day down into bite size blocks of time for specific tasks that chip away at the goal and makes consistent progress. 

Proper planning and taking Action is what separates dreamers from achievers. While the dreamer is caught up in the world of his dreams and endless fantasies, the achiever rolls up his sleeves and throws himself into the fray, his face marred by dust, sweat and blood and doesn't allow himself the luxury of being distracted from his course of his action.

Consistent action has the power to unleash our potential beyond our wildest imagination. Sometimes we become so scared that we frequently get caught up in trying to put together the seamless plans that would make us accomplish our goals effortlessly. But there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Waiting for the perfect moment to launch out may just mean that you would have to wait forever. So here is a piece of advice from someone who has learned the hard way - start with whatever you’ve got at your disposal RIGHT NOW. What matters is the effort you put into your work every single day. 

Always remember, success is about consistency and the process, even if it's not perfect at the outset! What’s important is making progress each and every day, no matter how small.  As you begin to build momentum and see actual results, you will pick up speed and continue to perfect your process, refining the system as you go. What matters most is taking action and executing your plan! So focus today and the rest of this week on taking action and beginning to execute!

This year we want to challenge you to start executing and acting instead of wasting your time on worry about not getting anything done.

Be Dissident. Be You!

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