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Growth Mindset

May 20, 2019

Simply having a talent and ability to achieve success is not enough. You have to also have the right mindset, more specifically a “growth mindset.” In a growth mindset,  the hand you’re dealt is just the starting point for development. This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. Although people may differ in every which way — in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments — everyone can change and grow through application and exercise.”

Having growth mindset develops love for learning and resilience; both are essential for any great accomplishment in life. On the other hand, fixed mindset believes that talents are innate and cannot be developed with hard work. Individuals with a fixed mindset are more worried about looking smart and successful than actually working on developing their skills and abilities through learning.

It’s not easy to attain a growth mindset. In fact, most people are a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets. When we face challenges or receive criticism we can easily fall into insecurity or defensiveness, a response that inhibits growth. Personal growth is hard work in itself, and requires a lot of time and dedication. Results, however, can exceed all your wildest dreams

5 Steps to cultivate a growth mindset

So how do you begin?

Here are  5 simple steps to help you start building a growth mindset:

1. Acknowledge your weaknesses.

You’re not perfect. You have certain things that hold you back. There is nothing wrong with that. Start by acknowledging and embracing your weaknesses. Then, create modest, achievable goals for yourself. And give yourself ample time to achieve them.

2. Do what works for you.

You learn better in an environment that suits you. What might work for others may not necessarily work for you.

So find your own approach and don’t mind if it means it will take you slower. The important thing is you learn.

3. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.

Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to learn something. When tasks get hard, don’t give up so easily. It’s not how fast you learn or achieve something – it’s about the journey.

4. Stop seeking approval.

Stop worrying about what other people think of you. Focus on your own progress.

Don’t waste your energy on other people’s approval. They only distract you from your real goals. The only approval you need is yours.

5. Don’t focus on the results, focus on the process.

Take it slow. Celebrate your small wins. In time, you’ll look back and notice you’ve gone farther than you’ve ever imagined.


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