IGNORE HATERS April 09, 2018 04:30

Learning how to deal with haters is going to be one of your most valuable skills. Anyone who seeks to achieve anything significant will face opposition and haters at some point in their lives. Rather than elevate you, they will seek to drag you down. Social media can make the hate prolific; after all, you can hate relatively  intensely with less accountability. Haters pepper hate speech on your Twitter, Facebook, Amazon reviews and smear slimy comments on the blogs you post. In order to succeed and achieve your goals, learn how to deal with haters, because the are an inevitable part of life.

Haters are always negative. It’s just how they are wired. Criticizing others makes them feel good about their position. I’m not referring to constructive criticism; haters spew destructive criticism. Negativity is a parasite that can consume everything good. The skill it takes to deal with haters so you can be productive is learned and practiced. It takes a great deal of time and patience to learn how to deal with haters. You don’t get to choose who will offend you or how they will offend you;  but you do get to choose HOW to respond when you are offended. Dealing with haters has very little to do with the hater. It actually starts with dealing with your own feelings, emotions, confidence, with yourself.

The most effective way to deal with haters is to IGNORE haters!

Remember that haters are egoistic people. The reason behind their aggressive behavior towards you has nothing to do with you; it’s simply a projection of how they perceive themselves.  Their main goal is to distract from their own flaws and shortcomings… and attract attention to their level of “authority” by criticizing you. This is why the best solution is to ignore them. It’s as if you were to simply step aside when they swung to hit you. Rather than giving them any part of you to hit with resistance, stepping aside forces them to hit air and allow their own inertia to take themselves down.

If you want to grow someone’s ego give them attention, and if you want to destroy it simply ignore them. Apply the twenty-four hour rule here. Whatever issue you ignore for twenty four hours, it begins to decay. And for each day you continue to ignore it, the more quickly it decays and eventually disintegrates. Even Facebook incorporated an information decay algorithm – information gains popularity by being given attention and decays by being ignored. Your can best strategy to shrink haters is to ignore it. People like following engaging and dramatic dialogues; but, if you choose to ignore the hate dialog, it becomes a boring monologue that nobody will remember and nobody will bother to follow.

Ignore haters and listen to your own Self-Motivation! Stay true to yourself. Stay Dissident! 

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