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Gym Bag - Dissident Gym Wear

April 18, 2017

Perfect addition to your Dissident gear, our newest Gym Bag features fresh design that is effective and versatile, with more than enough room for your everyday carry and any type of gym session.


Equipped with multiple compartments, our Gym Bag features the right amount of space for clean and sweaty clothes, shoes, shower items and much more. Extremely durable and suitable for all weather conditions, Dissident Gym Bag is made of extra thick, water-repellent fabric.


Coming in classic Dissident colors, our Gym Bag provides a comfortable carry with adjustable, DSDNT embroidered shoulder pad and grab handle. The shoulder strap is detachable and provides carrying comfort and versatility while the secure zip pockets ensure your valuables are safely stored.


Pain is temporary. Regret lasts forever. Never Quit. Never Give Up!
Embrace your attitude — be Dissident.


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