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January 28, 2019


It is something we have all experienced in time. It may have happened once or twice, maybe even several times over. Some are for sure still struggling with it and from it. It is an experience that is not too easily forgotten, and for some, it may haunt them and repeatedly come back to remind them. Sometimes we see it coming, we have a moment to prepare, but as much as we try, it is still remarkably shocking to the severity of what we feel. For many unfortunately, they do not see it coming, and it is one of the hardest things they will face. It is enough to cripple them, halt them, stop them, keep them down, and never ever let them back up. You may know what I am speaking of, for those who don’t...wait, because you will.
We all face this in our lives, at some point in time or another. This has been described as the proverbial “Slap in the Face.” Life’s assault on you, your path, your journey, your road to success. It is the unmistakably harsh and abrupt blocking between you and your goal, your achievement. This has been noted as the “kick while you are down.” The “why is this happening to me?” The “continues derailment of your mindset.” The “what the fuck just happened?!” However and whatever adjectives andstatements you want to come up with to describe it, that event remains the same. It is the greatest opposition that stands between you and what YOU want. YOUR GOAL. YOUR SUCCESS. YOUR ACHIEVEMENT. YOUR GREATNESS.
So many of us fail, make mistakes, falter, waiver, or stumble. Does it need to end there? Will you stop there, will you give in? Are you going to give up and quit? Will you let yourself be told what you are going to do and NOT do? OR, are you going to rise up, will you stand back up, will you stare opposition in the face and smirk? Will you put up your hands to life, society, critics, and anyone and anything that stands in your way; and give them the big F-U!? Are you not going to just take life’s shit, and are you going to stand up for yourself, take charge, and take CONTROL of YOUR LIFE! Are you going to wipe the blood from your mouth, the sweat from your head, the tears from you eyes, and are you going to fucking FIGHT BACK!
“I always fight back. I have always been this way. I have never once hung my head for anything. I have kept my chin up, even through the blows. I have gotten back in there every time, EVERY time!”
Where or when has it been said or written that we must bow down to adversity and opposition? What has gotten in to our heads that the second we feel pressure, or pain, or doubt; that our course is now questionable. What real reason do we have for this. Why is it that we believe this LIE? What fictitious bullshit we accept by ultimately blinding ourselves of what we once saw as our desire. I ask, where is that grit, that tenacity, where is the irrevocable sense of survival. The sense of protecting what is OURS! We cannot simply exist by a means of complacency and control. We should not look to ourselves as compromising and sensible to life’s demands and expectations. NO! We need to be aggressive, we need to display our intentions, we need to dominate, we need to tap into the inner strength, that SELF EMPOWERMENT! We need to be without question and without doubt. Most important, we need to FIGHT BACK!
“If you stand for something, a reason; be prepared to stand alone like a tree. If you are knocked down, and when you fall to the ground; fall like a seed. The seed that grows to become another tree, to fight back AGAIN!”
This life is full of excuses, disapproval, opinions, positions, circumstances, faces, lies, perceptions and misconceptions; should I keep going? NO! It is time, it is time for us to break this cycle, to FIGHT BACK, to TAKE BACK who we are, what we are. Life DOES NOT CONTROL YOU! You have the control, you have the power, you have the ability! Deep down we are all incredible creatures, forged through history, through struggle and sacrifices, hardship and tribulations. This culture has come this far, but this is where it ends, this is where it needs to end. This bullshit of “I can’t make it, I’ll never make it, I won’t make it,” needs to stop. We are better than this. Some have come within inches, INCHES of success, and when they were hit by life’s obstacle, they caved. Is that what you want to be about? Is that what you are made of? Is that how you want to be remembered? Are you content with that being what defines your legacy?
Are you the type of person who can come within a breath, a heartbeat of greatness and just stop, and be satisfied? Would you be ok with ending it here and now? Looking back at everything you had already been through, seeing how far you came, standing there at that line; and stepping back and to the side? NO, F-that!
Any fighter, Any real fighter, once they get that slap, they immediately will press forward, they whether the blows, they will continue to move! They are not going to back up, they never back up! We need to maintain this mindset of we are better than that, we didn’t come this far to only come this far. We CAN be more, we can DO more. We can never settle with adversity and opposition, we must carry on and hold our course. We must be about our personal growth and advancement. At all costs we must protect what is ours, what we stake our claim for! This is not meant to be an existence of regret, this is meant to be a life that we make, that we create. A life of fulfillment. It is OUR life, we OWN it, and we are FUCKIN taking it back!
“We are dangerous people, why; because we don’t need no anyone's approval but ourselves. We are self-made, we are unstoppable. We are Dissident!”

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