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December 03, 2018


There are different beliefs, variations, and perspectives regarding fear. Fear is one of the most instrumental things that hold us as humans hostage from our goals. It is one of the hardest challenges we face in life. Fear can be explained as two basic reactions; biochemical and individualized. The biochemical reaction is the one we are coded with, it is the fight or flight reaction that takes over in the presence of a threat. There is also the individualized reaction. This is the personal fears that we develop as we grow and become adults, it is the “learned” perception from society, our elders, or negative events that take place is our life. This in essence is the science behind fear. Well, much like any science, it can be challenged. It can be proven wrong. It takes a different view, an altered thought process, another way of thinking and reacting. A unconventional perspective. Above all, it can be overcome and proven false. Like any theory that is challenged, it may require facts yes, but it requires something even before the facts are proven; it requires a desire. We must be willing to prove fear wrong, to challenge what has previously been proven. It takes courage, which is something we all have inside. We must be willing to fight, we must be willing to attack our fear, and realize the falsehood in its meanings.

“F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appears Real”

We hear the term “fearless” a lot. Have you actually taken the time to understand its true meaning. Being fearless is not being without fear, contrary to popular belief. It is not the abandonment of fear and turning away from fear and ignoring it, No, it is having fear, but having the courage and strength to overcome fear. We can be fearless in the presence of fear and when we chose to act, not just react; and we demonstrate that inner strength as we fight back.
Fear can take many shapes, if can be many things, physical, mental, emotional; how ever it may present itself to you, like any opposition or adversity we face in life, it can be challenged. We can overcome it. If we looked at fear the same way we looked at ambition, dedication, tenacity.
We would see that fear isn’t as controlling as we thought. We have the power in those characteristics and traits. They are indeed tools that are ingrained in us that allow us to excel. If fear is all but an obstacle, then why to we make it so much harder on ourselves. Living a life of fear is like living a life of “ifs.” The questions of “if” will always keep you second guessing, never letting you step out of your comfort zone or challenging opposition, challenging yourself.
It will keep you standing still, and before you realize it, you will be to scared to ask questions and you will settle. A life of fear essentially shackles you to your comfort zone, it keeps you chained to your safety net. Are you willing to live a life sucking your thumb and hiding under your “blanky?” This is a defining point, this is where we as individuals must stand up, take action, display our inner strength and fight back at our fears. You cannot expect to attain any type of a full life with the constant stepping back if fear is in your way.
Fear and fulfillment are direct opposites and yet directly impact each other. Fear is what can derail us from having a full life, and preventing us from having the sensation and the ability to have fulfillment in our existence. Fulfillment is what we all want to attain, and we fear that life will be less meaningful and valued without it. Let’s cut through the crap here. If you want a full life, go after it! If you want to attain success and have an accomplished life, do it! If you want to experience an incredible and amazing life, full of self worth and self value, do the work; and make it happen!
DO NOT let fear control the outcome. This is YOUR LIFE. It is on you. You control life, you have the ability to make your own destiny. You are the only one, the ONLY ONE that can dictate the direction and the course of your life! Fear has no place, it has no purpose, it doesn’t benefit you, it is not pushing you, helping you, encouraging you. It is not telling you to get it done day in and day out. It is not the empowerment and motivation that keeps you striving and climbing and clawing to the top. It is NOTHING to you. It is an illusion, it is a ploy, it is life’s way of pressing and pushing back to keep you from what YOU want! DO NOT let it! The definition above states that we have a reaction, that fear is the perceived threat we feel. Well I say; you BE the THREAT! You are the threat to life, you are the threat to your goals. You are the monster in the night that is coming for all of it! You are hungry, you want it, you want that fulfillment. We all want, and it is up to us to get it, to have it. We are the threats to life’s opposition, it’s adversities, it’s challenges. FIGHT BACK, fight for you, fight for what you want.
Know your fear, stare it down, open your eyes, don’t break your focus, let it see that you aren’t blinking and not backing down. Raise your hand, point fear straight in the face, and say, “I’m coming for you, and I am coming for what I want!” Once we understand and overcome our fear, nothing can stop us, fear is all that’s left, it's the only thing that stands in our way. On the other side, is triumph.

“Fear, is like a shadow. From a distance, it looks big and scary, intimidating even. However, as you step closer, it gets smaller and smaller, it begins to fade; until all that’s left, is you and your reflection.”

Crazy is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Why then do we continue to feed fear, feed this cycle. Aren’t you hungry? Don’t you have an appetite, an appetite to achieve, to defy, to be bold, to overcome and be courageous. Fear is not the wolf in the woods, YOU are, and you can do what fear is not expecting. You can seek fear out, you can hunt fear down, and DEVOUR it! They say that those of courage and character are wired differently; well, re-wire yourself! They say in nature a lion is a lion and a gazelle is a gazelle. Do not fall prey to the lion, BE the lion! When a gazelle sees a lion, it’s instinct is to run! DO NOT run, do not run from fear! A lion sees the gazelle, his instinct is, it’s hunting time, to run after the gazelle! He is hungry, he has appetite, he has courage and desire, he is the overwhelming force that is the threat to the gazelle. The lion feeds on the gazelle, in doing this the lion grows stronger, tougher, more cunning, his game becomes sharper, his instincts elevate.
He BECOMES MORE! Be the lion, hunt down your fears! Seek them out, go after those fears, feed on those fears. Satisfy your appetite! Grow stronger, faster, more cunning, elevate those instincts, sharpen that courage, be more; do more! ATTACK your fears and DEVOUR them!

“There is no greater ILLUSION, than FEAR.”

When the dust settles and you stand triumphant over the limp carcass that was once your fears, you will know fearlessness. You did not run from your fear, you did not back down. You ran towards your fears and attacked them, you fought back, you took control over your fears, you overcame them and you proved that there is nothing that can stop you now, NOTHING!
We have a saying here in Dissident and that is F*CK AVERAGE! We wear this daily, we display it daily, it is not just words on a shirt, or something we say to hype each other up, no it is what we believe, what we breath, what we live, bleed and fight for. It is in our core, it is what burns and ignites in every single one of us! We strive on going against the grain, defying the odds, being unconventional and bold. We are fighters, we are hunters, we all lead by example and we represent hunger, courage, fearlessness; and we strive to attain greatness. To be victorious in achieving a life of fulfillment. In the essence of this we find a new declaration;





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