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February 17, 2020


Every one of us experiences “things' in life. Success, achievement, failures and faults. We know of hardship, and triumph, victory and defeat. We experience happiness, sadness, joy and pain. We have our beliefs and our traditions, we have our upbringing and history. We know what we know by experience. However, we also have a tendency as a society to blame experience and call to the carpet the events that take place in our lives that are, “less than pleasurable.” We claim to be victims of circumstance, or that we are products of our environment, or even my personal favorite, that we “had no choice.” These are all aspects of a battle between your conscious action and your subconscious reactions to the “reason” in said “things” that have happened to you. We look to the meaning of life as to why we are here? What is our purpose? What is the reason? Well, to be simple about it. Life is perception. It is our interpretation as individuals to what our life is about and what is the meaning of it; furthermore, what are the reasons for things being the way they are. Read on to dabble in the real mind bender that will challenge you to look at your life in a different way, a deeper way, and see the reason that is “YOU.”

“For everything in life, there is reason; and we can always figure it out.”

How many times have we experienced something, whether it be positive or negative in our lives, and questioned why? Have you left it to “this is just the way my life is” or have you thought “man I am lucky to be here”, maybe even “this always keeps happening to me”; better yet even “I don’t know how I did it, but I did.” These are all valid questions we ask in situations that have a deeper reason that we may not indulge. Is it that in some instances we are afraid to peer through the looking glass, or evaluate the event under the microscope. Is it the fear of what you might really see, the reason as to what and why this took place? A great truth will tell you, that you cannot embrace knowledge without reason. You cannot find truth without question. So with that said, are you ready to question, and learn of reason?

Anything and everything that happens to us has reason. That is blunt truth. If we are so bold and daring, we can break down any event and identify what the reason was. Those that can adapt to change, that have a belief in themselves, that can accept truth and can peer deep into themselves; know about reason. Reason is self reflection, it is your ability to connect with choices and even omissions to things that you do or don’t do. This is your perception of your life’s course. Think about the time you decided to embark on a new challenge, a goal for example. Perception is of two points. The success of the goal, and the failure of the goal. Each of these with reason based off of your perception and choice.


Success has reason because of the mindset to adapt to the changes, leaving no excuse, putting in the hard work day after day, and meeting the demands of the act; and then surpassing them. The reason for your success, dwells deep in you, in your heart. It is because YOU chose to keep going and achieve the goal. Now as far as the failure, this is about perception, failure is not the point here; the lesson, the reason is. You may blame time, our circumstance, difficulty or talent. The truth is, your reason is in YOU. This is about your perception. Looking deeper you can find that reason shows this was a lesson. You may not have been successful, but there is a reason for that. This could be the attempt and faulting that steered you then in the right direction. It could be the mistake that gave insight to the right path. It could be that challenge that broke you down, only for you to build yourself back up. Things have reason, and sometimes when we cut through the fear and doubt, and peer under the vail that cloaks our rationale; we see the reason. Experience is in what YOU make of it, this also ties into reason. If you look at all events happening with this “negative” perception, your reason to your life will be a constant negative experience. However, if you dig deep and make the choice to react with an opportunistic approach; you will see that there may be a deeper reason which could be positively impacting your life’s course. YOUR reason.

 “The great challenge in life is not to become deeply spiritual and remove ourselves from experience. The great challenge is to become deeply human and immerse ourselves in the reasons.”

Everything has reason and we can discover those reasons when we open ourselves and our insight to the truth. Reason has a way of bringing balance and understanding to our chaotic means of justification. Cut through the bullshit and peel away the sugar coated, politically correct, don’t want to offend anyone, keep the mask on and save your face, layer. We have always been a reactive culture when it comes to things happening to us. At times not fully even knowing the why before we go to blame the what. It benefits us as individuals to have a deeper understanding to reason, and learning more about our life’s perception. Discover YOUR reason.

 “Your reasons to why things happen, are your reasons. To find the truth, just ask yourself.”

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