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Be Your Own SuperHero

November 04, 2018

Be Your Own SuperHero


From the time that we are of a young age we look up to these perceived extraordinary characters that are capable of doing extraordinary things. We look to them with awe, and in complete amazement. These people defy the odds, defeat the bad guys in the face of danger, stretch the laws of normalcy, and accomplish almost inhuman feet’s of astonishment. They are iconic in our eyes, they inspire us by their “do gooder” nature and their unwavering ability to withstand pressure and pain. They exude an almost unsurpassable confidence, and they redefine what we see as strong and fearless. They are the definition of all that is good and powerful in our young eyes. So easily we can be influenced at a young age to believe, and have faith so strongly, in something that is indeed “surreal.” Here we have the SUPERHERO; The fairy tale, comic book created, movie mania, cinematically over produced; illusion.
We as a society have furthermore placed these fictitious spectacles at our mountain tops, as sources of drive and motivation in our lives, our minds, and in ourselves. We identify more easily with these fabel creations, and we continue to grow and look to them. We further tread from the inner workings of our own self, and we gravitate to believing more in the few impossibles, rather than the many possibles. When you hear the word SUPERHERO many of us have an immediate relation to that of ‘superhuman” which is why we have such a skewed sense of its purpose and meaning. We define it as unreal, yet real, and we put so much energy and faith into this glorified and captivating gimmick. I ask you now, define “hero.” A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in the spite of overwhelming obstacles. Where does this hero find his strength? A hero finds this strength within himself.

“All that we do, all that we are, begins and ends with ourselves.”

So where does the SUPERHERO come into play here? It is actually quite simple. So simple that we often will overlook this next point. I ask you, define “super.” Super by definition is; very good or pleasant, excellent, a state of superlative or first class. So now simply combine this with the definition of “hero” and you have an ordinary person who overcomes an extraordinary circumstance and has the will and strength inside to prevail. How eloquent and simple this is. The true point here is; in this day and age, within our society, we as a people spend so much time and energy looking to outside sources for motivation and worth. We look to many things that are indeed not real. We seek purpose from vindication through acceptance and credibility; not our own self worth or in our own reliance. We live in a technologically over run and social media driven world; one where our sense of purpose and achievement is based on ‘Likes” and “Follows”, “retweets and hashtags.” The sense of self awareness, self worth, and self reliance have all been called into question, as we look to our phones and open our app and we post about our bad day. We sit and wait for responses, the cyberlitical attention we have come to crave. We wait for our “Social Cheerleaders” to pyramid up, shake their carbon based pom poms and root us on.

“It is within ourselves, that we find the strength we need; this strength comes from the connection with who we actually are.”

The truest form of strength you will ever know, is that of your own self strength and self empowerment. Our greatest accomplishment ever, will be truly defining what is in the mirror before us. Meaning that, supporting of yourself is your greatest achievement. Owning who you are and defining it on your own; this is the greatest form of power we can attain, Holding true to this in the face of adversity and opposition; that is where true strength is displayed. The person you are is ultimately your choice. A wise man once said “You are gifted two things in this life; blood and breath, just enough to sustain. What you do with those is up to you, they will either make your life, or burry you. The choice is on you.” We need to understand the meaning of self worth and self reliance. Being resilient is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up, and push yourself forward. We are a breed that thrives off of advancement, accomplishment, a continued growth. We drive for our goals, we have the idea in mind, the spark, and then the execution; it all comes from within us. It all begins here, inside you. So why doesn’t it stay with us? Why look to the outside for a sense of feeling, when we have what we need already. We have a heart, a soul and a mind; when combined, and we have faith in those three things, we become unstoppable. We can defy adversity, we can overcome unrelenting odds. In the face of everything that stands against us, we can tap this inner strength, this core power, and we can prevail; we persevere.
There is a great sense of accomplishment in holding your own and attaining something on your own, and for yourself. There is an energy, a buzz, a vibe we feel inside that courses through us like electricity. It makes us feel alive. This pulse lives within us always. This power and unrelenting will has been a part of us since the beginning. We are born to live and survive, to grow and to advance. Basic principles are what we have lost, replaced by questions without answers, ideas without knowledge. We have adapted to fear by submission. It is the social standing that has overridden our tenacity to rage from within, and fight for our own value. The purpose of this is to bring light to the fact that we are everything we need at our center. Balanced and knowledgeable, we can see through the facade and we can find it in ourselves to dig deep and touch our untapped potential. Once that is unleashed, we do something we should have been doing from the beginning. We become our own SUPERHERO.

“Believe in yourself, believe in all that you are; through this belief, you learn that there is something of greatness inside of you. It will overcome any obstacle.”

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