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November 06, 2017



You do not need to apologize for who you are, how you look, what you like and what you want to do with life. You cannot please everyone. Do the best you can for everyone around youbut do not lose yourself in the process.

Tune Out the Negativity

The world around you can be loud and intimidating, but that doesn’t mean that they are right or that they have all the right answers. If you listen to what the world around you has to sayand you allow that to rob you of your originality and uniqueness, then you have not shown faith in yourself.

Stay Focused

Certain scenarios in your life will test you — it is just to see if you will buckle under pressure. Allow what is out there to make you better, informed, equipped, and refreshed but do not let it take away your uniqueness.

Do not let the world define you. What people think of you is your reputation, WHO you know you are is your true self. Everyone has a right to their opinions, but their opinions are theirsand they are not necessarily true. You have a choice to either continue to listen to them or to save yourself from the unnecessary emotional stress.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Your life is yours, and the world is yours. What you think about yourself is most important. Raise your standards, set goals, do it your way, establish your rules for life and make sure you do it right that is the best you can do. If they belong in your world, they will have to find their place in it and fit in.

Final Thoughts

Stop comparing yourself with the “accepted.” You are not supposed to be like everyone elseyou are expected to be “you.” Relax and be yourself. They may not like it at first, but they will eventually fall in line.

Love yourself. Don’t change who you are. The best you can be is your TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF.


Be Dissident, be YOU!

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