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Be F*cking Resilient

April 27, 2020

Be F*cking Resilient

Whether you yourself or your loved one is going through a rough time, the experience can truly shake your world and test your ability to stay positive and hopeful. It is in the time of adversity that our character is really being tested and how you cope with it will ultimately define your further life.
Resilience is defined as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or threats or significant sources of stress. Research shows that there is nothing extraordinary about resilience; it is not only given as a gift to a few special ones! Quite the opposite, resilience is a trait that we all have and can take small steps every day to ensure we can “bounce back” from difficult experiences. Being resilient does not mean that you should stop feeling scared, angry or sad. The road to resilience is often built upon these strong emotions and expressing and acknowledging them is one way to ensure you don’t get stuck in depression and can actually move one.
We strive to inspired resilience in each person who purchases motivational gym clothes and workout accessories from Dissident. Once you’re a part of our community, you have a support system for life!
If you’ve had a history of giving up too easily, here are just a few of the techniques you should focus on in order to foster your own resilience.


During tough times you may start wondering why you; why it has to be you who goes through these horrible life events. You may feel guilty and think that you have somehow called this upon yourself. One way to stop blaming yourself and feeling like life is unfair is to make sure you find your new life purpose. Every experience we have teaches us something. You may find relief in volunteering, supporting local charity events, educating others on what you are experiencing, or even establishing your own foundation. Sky's the limit! Find something that makes you feel needed, fulfilled, and feelings of guilt and helplessness will go away on their own.


While talking about your experiences with a friend will not make all your problems go away, an open conversation will allow you to express your feelings, get positive feedback and find possible solutions to whatever it is you are going through. Having caring, supportive people around you acts as a protective shield during tough times. It is important to surround yourself with those you can open up with and share your feelings and emotions. Moreover, staying receptive to new perspective that can help you look at your life at a different angle. Join the Dissident tribe by following us on Instagram right now!



Staying flexible is essential to building your resilience. Too many people get crushed by abrupt changes; resilient people, on the contrary, thrive and adapt. It may not feel like whatever you are going through right now can bring about positive changes in your life, but truth is, you never know. Embrace the change and learn how to take it as an opportunity to branch out.


In the time of high stress you may neglect your basic needs such as sleeping and eating. You may start ignoring your exercise routine and withdraw from activities that are usually making you happy. Although spending time taking care of yourself may seem like an expense you cannot afford right now, in the long run you will need all your strength to conquer your battle. Do more of what makes you happy; spend time outdoors, get enough sleep, and eat enough food. Nurturing yourself will only make you more resilient.


Becoming more resilient is not something you can achieve overnight. As with any new skill, you will need time and patience and constant practice. Do not get discouraged if stressful situations still throw you off balance; feeling scared, sad and anxious are absolutely normal emotions to experience in the time of adversity. Keep pushing and you will win any battle that life may throw at you.
Be Dissident, Be You!

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